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Choosing a contemporary art piece for the home: 3 tips to consider

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15th Mar 21 3:58 pm

Art is such a broad term, and it has been interpreted in so many ways over the centuries that it’s difficult to define exactly what art is today. The good news is that we do not need to be artists or art experts to define what it means to us because our own appreciation of art is also what defines the concept itself.

If you are planning to use a contemporary art piece and add more character or expressionist value to the internal décor of your home, then whichever style or piece you like is exactly what you should choose. We are going to go over three tips that will help you out with making the right choice if you like contemporary pieces already.

Scale is a Practical Consideration

The size of the print, or even a completely new, original piece of contemporary art must be scaled properly in proportion to the wall you will be hanging or leaning it on. Aside from selecting the piece itself, this is perhaps the most important consideration before finalising anything.

The general idea is that in order for the piece to have the desired effect, it must not be too small in proportion to the wall. In fact, it is better to err on the bigger side since oversized paintings do work, and it’s a classic trick to simply lean a huge piece on a small wall for maximum aesthetic value.

Contemporary art should be slightly oversized

We already explained how any piece can be leaned on a wall, even if it is a particularly giant frame. However, contemporary art has an additional advantage here because you should ideally go for a slightly oversized piece to begin with. For example, street art is an intricate part of what defines the modern, contemporary art style, and as we all know, they are almost always huge by default, even in comparison to the big walls they are drawn on.

Choosing is easy: Don’t let others complicate it

Art is not as difficult to select from a large collection, as one might believe. Given that we should be choosing art that appeals to us the most, it’s rather easy if you do not let the bias of others influence your decision. For example, Banksy is an international name in contemporary street art and the mysterious artist always focused on expressing his opinions on politics, society, and religion. Take a look at some of Banksy’s best stencils on https://www.contemporaryarttrader.com/. If you like expressionist art with deep internal implications, you won’t need to look anywhere else.

As stated, choose what appeals to your own artistic taste because anything that appeals to you as the audience is fine. You may want to look through your options a bit before making up your mind, but confusion is still unlikely. Most of us have very specific tastes in regard to art and aesthetics, so you are going to choose well, just as long as you do not let someone else’s opinion affect you.

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