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Chefs and bartenders most feared professionals according to customers

24th Jul 17 3:12 pm

Find out who were among the most likeable 

Hospitality professionals including chefs and bartenders are among professions that customers consider the most intimidating, according to new research.

Research carried out by Fletchers Solicitors revealed that 68 per cent of the 2,000 British adults they asked rated hospitality professionals as the most feared professionals, closely followed by financial service professionals (64 per cent) such as bank managers, accountants and bookkeepers.

Alex Kenny, Marketing Director at Fletchers Solicitors, said: “It’s surprising to see that such a customer-facing profession such as the hospitality trade is the most feared amongst the British public. Perhaps those who work in industries that provide care and support such as health and education could teach others how to improve their delivery and customer handling skills.

“We regularly see the likes of Gordon Ramsay and his fiery temper on television programmes and it seems it is indicative of a wider trend across the industry.”

The research also found that doctors and nurses are the most likeable professionals with 73 per cent of those asked ranking them top.

Teachers and education staff were second on the list followed by emergency service workers and the legal profession.

“When selling a product or service there must be a general level of approachability between provider and client and the customer should feel at ease, whether at a restaurant dining table or providing customer services. An anxious or stressed client can also lead to miscommunications and even in some cases problems such as medical negligence,” Kenny added.

UK’s Most Feared Professions

  1. Hospitality (chefs, waiting staff, bartenders) – 68%
  2. Financial services (accountants, bookkeepers, traders) – 64%
  3. Trades (construction, electrical, plumbing) – 59%
  4. IT & Telecommunications (call centre workers) – 55%
  5. Transport (rail workers, airline staff) – 53%

UK’s Most Liked Professions

  1. Healthcare (doctors, nurses) – 73%
  2. Education (teachers, lecturers) – 69%
  3. Emergency services (police, fire service) – 64%
  4. Legal (lawyers, barristers) – 62%
  5. Marketing – 60%

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