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Can I host a website on VPS?

by John Saunders
9th Nov 21 11:44 am

What is VPS hosting? VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is a web hosting option that utilises virtual private servers in hosting a website. A VPS server has its own copy of the operating system and all dedicated resources on a much larger server.

It is a hosting environment that simulates a dedicated server in a shared hosting environment. Technically, this is Shared and Dedicated Web Hosting However, with a VPS, each site is hosted on a virtual private server on much more powerful hardware.

Can I host a website on VPS? Yes. The VPS server uses virtualisation technology to provide resources to multiple users. More secure and reliable than shared hosting, it is also the cheapest solution.

There are many companies out there offering this hosting service. You can find a cheap VPS solution for your website from providers like RouterHosting.

How Virtual Private Server works

The server, whatever its form, is a computer that stores information about your website. As soon as a visitor accesses your website, their browser sends a request to your server. A file transfer takes place, and your visitor can surf freely on your webspace. This hosting then provides a virtual server that simulates a physical server. In addition, this technology offers the possibility of partitioning the server and thus using its operating system.

Completely controllable, the VPS server promotes the configuration of your website and offers it a secure receptacle with reliable resources. The memory, disk space, or even the server’s processor are not shared between the users. A gain in power felt by visitors to your website.

What can I run on VPS hosting?

There are a lot of things you can do with your VPS website hosting. It is ideal for your high-traffic website. It is the perfect plan for enhanced security, more privacy, and unmetered bandwidth. With VPS website hosting, you can also host other domains as you maintain enough RAM for each of them to run perfectly. This is an ideal option if you are in the business of creating websites for your clients.

VPS also allows you to run a private gaming server. You can run top games without experiencing any inconveniences. Other things you can do with VPS website hosting include running a test code and encrypting your wireless connection.

How many websites can I host on A VPS?

This depends on the disk or resource space available. There is no limit on the number of domains or websites you can host on VPS. This is a perfect solution for minimising hosting costs. Can I host a website on VPS? Creating a virtual host offers the best solution to run multiple websites on a VPS. We will look at how you can create a virtual host.

How to create a virtual host

You can set up your virtual host to run multiple websites on the same web server. To create a virtual host, you must have a LAMP stack or, at minimum, Apache installed. The DNS A record must be configured for the domain you want to bind to the virtual server.

Apache is one of the most popular web servers for hosting sites on hosting and VPS and for creating test environments. The simplest way to set up a virtual host is copying and renaming the host file (/etc/apache2/sites-available/000-default.conf) before modifying the commands to point to your new site.

The steps for creating a virtual host include:

  • Update system packages in the operating system.
  • Set up a new configuration file. Just copy and rename the default configuration file.
  • Choose a text editor of your choice and open the new file.
  • Convert the ServerAdmin directive to an email where the site administrator will get mails.
  • Include a new directive known as ServerName, which specifies the domain name your site responds to. This should be your domain.
  • You should then change the DocumentRoot command to indicate the directory containing the webpage files. Please make sure the directory exists.
  • Use the a2ensite command to activate the site.
  • Restart Apache for the changes to come into force.

Do I need cPanel on VPS hosting?

cPanel may or may not be essential for your VPS hosting. This control panel is an operating system offering all the tools necessary to configure your site. It provides quick access to different CMS, customisable messaging, or even security access to your server.

These accesses are essential if you do not have any technical knowledge in server programming. Otherwise, if you are using your operating system, a lot of technical knowledge will be essential to make your site as secure as possible.

Is it difficult to manage a VPS without a control panel? It may be challenging to manage a VPS without a control panel if you lack technical knowledge in server programming. You should, therefore, consider it if you want to have smooth control of your website.

What are the advantages of choosing a VPS server?

VPS hosting is the ideal solution, customisable and adapted to all customer profiles. The VPS server has many advantages that are worth highlighting. This server is:

  • Faster and more reliable than a shared hosting server.
  • Immune against traffic peaks that could slow down the site or significantly affect it (crash, shutdown, etc.).
  • Equipped with dedicated memory, which gives your available resources zero fluctuation.
  • More confidential, your files and databases are completely locked and secure against attacks.
  • Easy to set up, you can also upgrade all of your server’s resources.

If this VPS server has qualities, it also has some flaws. In the most notable, we find:

  • A server more expensive than the others in shared hosting
  • The need for technical network knowledge to improve your VPS

The list of negative points is less, but note that a bad configuration favours security breaches. Can I host a website on VPS? There are more compelling reasons to do so.


This article answers the question: Can I host a website on VPS? It is one of the best solutions if you run a high-traffic website or require more traffic and security. VPS website hosting gives you full control and access to resources that will help your site in hosting. The VPS server is an excellent solution for websites with medium traffic; the VPS server is a complete, reliable, and economical service.

But without a professional installation, it won’t be easy to configure this server properly.

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