Brixton Hill gets a new waterfront as burst water main causes flooding and rips open the road


Here’s what happened

Thursday morning, Brixton Hill was flooded due to a burst water main that ripped open the road which was cordoned off by police.

Busses could be seen queueing back to back along Kings Avenue Christchurch Road aand Andrew Boyle posted this on Twitter saying: “There must be close to 200 buses on Kings Avenue in Brixton due to a diversion for a burst water main in Brixton Hill.”

Paul Middleton posted on Twitter: “Brixton has a new water feature. No buses up and down the Hill. But plenty of canoe action for those suitably equipped. #brixtonwaterfeature

A spokeswoman from Thames Water told the Standard: “We have sent a team to investigate the burst pipe. It is not currently affecting any water supplies in the area.”

The Metropolitan Police posted this on Twitter, there has been no updates as yet.

The road closure is likely to go on for many days.