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Brits depend on luck rather than talent to boost their careers

by LLB Reporter
10th Aug 18 7:01 am

A new survey has revealed that two fifths of Britons with what they deem to be a successful career think their status is more down to luck than it is skill. The travel and tourism sector was revealed to be the one in which most employees felt their career success was down to luck; with the full top 10 also uncovered.

Those working in travel and tourism topped the list of sectors that have the most employees that think their career success is more down to luck than skill, with the retail and property/construction sectors following.

The research was carried out by lotto betting provider Lottoland, in a bid to find out whether luck is a factor when it comes to Britons’ success in their careers. A total of 2,452 people in the UK, all of whom were aged 25 or over and in full time employment, were quizzed about whether luck plays a bigger role in career success than skill.

To begin with, all respondents were asked whether they believed getting a dream job was down to luck more than it was skill, to which 71% stated that they did feel this way.

When participants were posed the question, “How successful do you think you are in your career?”, 42% said they considered themselves to be ‘very successful’ and 23% said they felt ‘successful’.

Of these respondents, a third (42%) admitted that they felt their success was so far down to luck more than skill; whilst 58% said it was due to their skills/hard work.

The relevant participants who stated that they had become successful in their career thanks to luck were asked what sector they worked in, with the top 10 ‘lucked out’ career types emerging to be:

1.      Travel & Tourism – 15%

2.      Retail– 13%

3.      Property & Construction – 12%

4.      Marketing/Advertising & PR – 12%

5.      Hospitality – 11%

6.      Transport & Logistics – 9%

7.      Business – 8%

8.      Information Technology – 7%

9.      Accountancy & Finance Services – 5%

10.  Teacher Training & Education -3%

Those respondents who did not consider themselves to be successful in their career were asked what they thought of those who had achieved career success, with more than half (52%) thinking they had just ‘lucked out’ or been ‘at the right place at the right time’.

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