BP Ventures and private jet company Victor sign sky high $20m series B investment deal


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London based private jet company, Victor has signed a $20m deal with BP Ventures, in a strategic investment deal, BP Oil has said they are committed to investing $10m.

This will allow Victor to expand their offices in the Asia, the Middle East and the US, since launching in 2011 they have raised $44.45m.

In 2016 the charter jet company had a sales forecast of $39m, whilst this year they are set to post a full year revenue of $60m.

Vice president of BP’s group technology business development, David Gilmour said: “Victor’s business and ambition aligns with our priorities around digital innovation and low carbon.

“We look forward to advancing our relationship with Victor. We are committed to being a long-term value investor and strategic partner whilst encouraging Victor’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive.”

The chief executive and founder of Victor, Clive Jackson said: “Receiving backing from a major, legitimate institutional investor like BP is a strong endorsement of our management team and our strategic vision to reshape the general aviation market.

“This is a hugely exciting step forward in the company’s evolution.”