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Boris Johnson calls veganism a ‘crime against cheese lovers’

by LLB Reporter
14th Jan 20 2:40 pm

The prime minister told the BBC that he will not be taking part in Veganuary and said veganism is a “crime against cheese lovers” and it “takes so much concentration.”

Speaking with BBC Breakfast he was asked by Dan Walker over his 2020 New Year’s resolution to lose weight, and would he participate in Veganuary.

Boris Johnson said, “No, I’m not, no I’m not. I had thought of it – but it requires so much concentration.”

Adding, “I do take my hat off to vegans who can handle it, who can manage to avoid non-vegan products.”

When asked by the presenter would he miss his bacon sarnies Johnson said, “the whole lot.”

Adding, “You can’t eat cheese, can you? You can’t eat cheese if you’re a vegan?”

The prime minister then went on to say, “it’s just a crime against” when the presenter interjected and said, “against cheese lovers?”

To which Johnson agreed with Walker and replied with, “A crime against cheese lovers.”

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