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Best LinkedIn automation tool for recruiters

by Sarah Dunsby
8th Apr 22 10:23 am

Finding the right hire has always been a challenging task for companies. With a huge pool of potential talents, tracking down the right person for a job can feel like finding a needle from a haystack. Truth be told, hiring can be super tricky. There are many candidates whose skills look good on paper but ultimately underdeliver when you hire them for work.

When it comes to professional networking, nothing can beat LinkedIn. Considered the largest professional networking platform, LinkedIn connects recruiters with top-tier talents all over the world. In fact, every professional who’s serious about their career and skill acquisition has a LinkedIn profile. It’s also the world’s leading lead generation platform along with Facebook and Twitter.

When you use automation recruitment tools on LinkedIn, you get the highest chance of seeking out the perfect hire for your open position. Instead of just posting a job listing and waiting for hires to apply, you should also do talent searching wisely. The following are the best LinkedIn automation tools available in the market today:

1. Octopus CRM

If you’re an active LinkedIn recruiter and use the platform on a daily basis to scope talents for your company, Octopus CRM is the perfect LinkedIn automation software for you.

Not only does Octopus CRM help you with easy tasks like sending connection requests, auto-viewing profiles, and auto-endorsing skills of your contacts — it also helps you with creating recruitment campaigns, sending automated messages for potential hires, and analyzing your overall stats and metrics on LinkedIn.

One of the biggest advantages of Octopus CRM is it helps your company profile get noticed by potential hires. Through Octopus, you can cultivate a healthy connection with potential candidates and retain top talents once you’ve successfully hired them in the team.

Octopus CRM lets you do recruiter tasks on autopilot. With this powerful automation tool, you can seek the best talents even when you’re sleeping!

What’s more? Octopus CRM is compatible with various LinkedIn accounts including Recruiter Lite, Sales Navigator Premium, and the standard LinkedIn Free.

How much does it cost?

Octopus CRM is available in four different tiers: Starter ($6.99 per month), Pro ($14.99), Advanced($14.99), and Unlimited($24.99).

2. Dripify

Dripify is another powerful LinkedIn prospecting tool that helps you find the right talent. It works by simulating human behavior and uses techniques so that each task doesn’t seem automated. It’s designed to prevent sending duplicate messages to the same person. You can even blacklist users that you don’t want to send messages. This makes Dripify, one of the “safest” automation tools on the market.

Dripify is an advanced automation and recruitment software, but it doesn’t feel like it since the UI is very easy to manage. If you’re curious about your campaign’s performance, you can easily check it on your analytics page which shows daily usage stats, account activity, and reports on various important metrics. The design is friendly and accessible, even for beginners.

You can also use multiple LinkedIn accounts for Dripify. This is great for companies with a huge HR team. With Dripify, you can onboard team members, assign different roles, and do tasks together. The team owner/manager also has the ability to evaluate the efficiency of his team members.

Dripify also works on autopilot meaning you don’t even have to keep your browser open. It works in the background while you do your other tasks. Just like Octopus CRM, Dripifyis compatible with Recruiter Lite, LinkedIn Free, and Sales Navigator.

How much does it cost?

Dripify starts at $39/month. They also offer a free trial for users who want to try the software first before deciding to subscribe.

3. Phantom Buster

If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use automation tool for your recruiting efforts, try PhantomBuster. Phantombuster is a cloud-based HR automation tool that helps improve recruiter’s productivity and performance by automating tedious LinkedIn tasks. It allows users to scrape data and automate various activities on social media platforms including Linkedin.

What Phantombuster really does is give you an advantage over your competition. It helps set you as the better company in the eyes of your potential hires. Recruiters use Phantombuster to gather data about potential hires, automate simple LinkedIn actions, and grow their accounts. Here are some tasks you can do and automate on Phantom Buster:

  • Find Facebook profiles based on names of candidates
  • Find Instagram profiles based on names of candidates
  • Find Twitter profiles based on names of candidates
  • Find valuable information from their LinkedIn profiles

Phantom Buster also taps into the power of LinkedIn Groups. Groups in LinkedIn often have a wealth of informed and skilled potential talents. You can scour the group to find out roles, names, and companies using LinkedIn Profile Scraper.

But that’s not all. Phantom Buster also helps recruiters by giving them inspiration when creating their job listings. Using the LinkedIn Search Export Phantom tool, they can search various job posts to get ideas and reference points.

Overall, Phantom Buster is a tool for Busy HR professionals. It can save them lots of time scouring LinkedIn for the best candidate for their position.

How much does it cost?

Phantom has a free trial that lasts for 14 days. Their monthly subscription is $30.

4.  SeekOut

Founded in 2016, SeekOut is an AI-powered automation tool for recruiting the most advanced talents. It’s basically a large resource of data detailing the skills of millions of candidates based on their public profile, employee referrals, papers and patents, and more.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, SeekOut is the place to go. This automation tool is equipped with the best AI search tools, talent analytics, and reporting of valuable metrics for easy management.

The best thing about SeekOut is it also includes passive candidates who are employed and are very skilled and expert at their niches. You can also find fresh candidates using filters and email addresses from their profiles.

With SeekOut you can diversify your talent acquisition and proactively source global candidates that fit your team. Its AI search allows recruiters to search various social platforms including LinkedIn for qualified candidates.

How much does it cost?

SeekOut currently has three pricing options: Basic (99$ per month), (Premium $249 per month), and Premium Tech ($499 per month).

5. Salesflow

Do you want to speed up your hiring process? Try Salesflow. Salesflow is a safe cloud-based LinkedIn prospecting tool that complies 100% with LinkedIn’s rules thanks to its advanced algorithm.

Salesflow is the best way to find and connect with top talents on autopilot. With Salesflow you can reach 10x more candidates using your LinkedIn account.

You can also automate outreach by sending bulk messages and invitation requests to targeted individuals. Salesflow allows each user to send 400 invites per month or around 800 InMails per month. This allows you to scale your hiring and grow your team faster without sacrificing time for other important work tasks.

Aside from invites and messages, you can also automate your replies and follow-ups to boost your productivity more. This enables you as a recruiter to maximize your efficiency and improve your response rates.

How much does it cost?

Salesflow pricing started at $99 per month. You can also save 20% by subscribing to their 6-month plan which is currently priced at $79 per month or $474.

What are the benefits of recruitment automation tools?

Recruitment is a complex process that involves different tasks and steps. You don’t simply just interview and hire a person you think is right for the job. These days, a bad hire can cost you more than just recruitment costs. In the long run, it can lead to loss of clients, decreased teamwork, and even damaged employer reputation.

What can you do to prevent this from happening? And how do recruitment automation tools prevent actually help in the hiring process? Here are just some of the ways recruitment automation tools improve your workload:

  1. Widens your social reach for open positions
  2. It improves your current recruitment strategies
  3. Saves time and money by automating the recruitment process
  4. Enables quick response time and effective communication for potential hires
  5. Automation tools can streamline data for more accurate decisions
  6. Good recruitment tools improve the productivity of your HR team.

Stay on top of hiring trends with recruitment automation tools

Recruiting is evolving and we don’t know how the future of recruitment can affect our jobs today. One thing’s for sure, the more efficient and innovative we are at our present efforts, the easier it’ll be for us when the future comes. To stay on top of talent acquisition and hiring needs, recruiters have to use technology to their advantage. With proper use of recruitment automation tools, you’ll always be one step ahead of your competition.

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