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Best Jimmy Carr tax avoidance jokes on Twitter

21st Jun 12 12:04 pm

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. Obviously everyone has been hitting you back with lots of witty one-liners. Here are our favourites

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Three trending topics – Jimmy Carr, Bury, Michael Gove. There,@jimmycarr , is the way to get back into the nation’s good books.
From @mw_hufc

Jimmy Carr in the news is making it difficult for me to continue with my very successful Jimmy Carr avoidance scheme
From @daveludlow

Jimmy Carr tickets just went on sale in Southampton. Presumably they are free because we already paid?
From @Gusdor

Well, I think you’ll all be sorry when Jimmy Carrtakes his wry sideways looking skills to China.
From @sarahlmorgan

World record for the fastest climb down from K2 goes to JimmyCarr.
From @vicderbyshire

Unlike Jimmy Carr to miss a trick, all he had to do to avoid the hypocritic ire of Cameron was to donate to the Tories
From ‏@jamesecook

Jimmy Carr’s new stand-up tour – opening gig Barclays, then onto Deloitte ..
From @steve_hawkes

If I buy a Jimmy Carr DVD, send it to Jersey, and get someone there to stream me a joke or two when I want one, would it be VAT free?
From @ormondroyd

I hate crossing busy roads in London without Jimmy Carr. He’s so much better at avoiding taxis than me. #jimmycarr
From @78icequeen

Is it possible that Jimmy Carr’s accountant was a big fan of 10 O’Clock Live, but like the rest of us, hated those sketches?
From @ChrisBrosnahan


We also love The Daily Mash’s genius and bitterly hilarious article: Dozens of celebrities are rich, it has emerged


Add your own Jimmy Carr tax avoidance jokes below!


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