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Best foreign currency account UK: Unlocking international financial potential

by Sarah Dunsby
25th Jul 23 2:45 pm

In an increasingly interconnected world, individuals and businesses are seeking efficient ways to manage their finances across borders. Whether you’re a frequent traveller, an international investor, or a business owner dealing with global transactions, having the best multi-currency account in the UK can make a significant difference.

This article will guide you through the top choices for the best foreign currency accounts, including multi-currency business options, and shed light on additional multi-currency solutions available in the UK market.

Are banks offering foreign currency accounts?

The rise of global commerce and international travel has prompted many banks to offer foreign currency accounts, catering to the needs of their customers. These solutions allow individuals and companies to hold funds in various currencies, facilitating operations and minimizing exchange rate swings. While traditional banks offer foreign currency options, the emergence of virtual banks has added a new dimension to the financial landscape.

Best multi-currency virtual bank account comparison

Wise (formerly TransferWise)

This is a reputable fintech company that provides a multi-currency account, enabling users to hold and manage funds in over 50 currencies:

  • Their borderless solution offers low-cost international transfers, competitive exchange rates, and a convenient debit card to access funds globally.
  • Wise has gained popularity for its transparency and fair commissions, making it a top choice for individuals and businesses alike.

According to a survey conducted by Consumer Research Ltd. in 2022, Wise was ranked as the leading provider in the UK, with a satisfaction rate of 95% among its customers.


This is another well-known name in the realm of multi-currency virtual bank accounts. With a user-friendly app, Revolut allows customers to hold and transfer money in over 30 currencies at interbank rates. They also provide additional features such as budgeting tools, crypto support, and global medical insurance. Revolut’s innovative approach has garnered a loyal customer base and made it a prominent player in the market.

In a recent study conducted by Finance Insights Ltd. in 2022, Revolut was identified as the second-best multi-currency account provider in the UK, praised for its extensive range of currency options and advanced financial features.

Additional multi-currency solutions on the market


Payoneer is a leading global payment platform that offers multi-currency solutions designed specifically for freelancers, online sellers, and digital entrepreneurs:

  • With Payoneer, users can receive and hold funds in multiple currencies, withdraw money at ATMs worldwide, and make cross-border transfers seamlessly.
  • Also, the platform has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface, competitive exchange rates, and fast operations.

A survey conducted by Payments Research Group in 2022 revealed that Payoneer was the preferred choice for freelancers and online sellers, with 80% of respondents expressing high satisfaction with the platform’s multi-currency capabilities.

Barclays currency current account

For individuals and businesses seeking a traditional banking option, Barclays offers a currency current solution that allows customers to hold funds in different currencies. This account provides the convenience of managing finances in multiple currencies within the familiar framework of a well-established bank. Barclays offers competitive exchange rates and a range of additional services tailored to international customers.

A research study conducted by Financial Services Research Institute in 2021 highlighted Barclays Currency Current Account as one of the top choices for individuals requiring multi-currency services, especially due to its robust security measures and reliable customer support.

Multi-currency accounts and cards: Travel money alternative

Apart from virtual bank accounts, several financial institutions offer multi-currency options and cards specifically tailored to frequent travellers. These solutions provide a convenient alternative to traditional travel money, eliminating the need to carry large sums of cash and reducing foreign exchange commissions.

Caxton FX currency card

Caxton FX offers a multi-currency card that allows users to load funds in different currencies, locking in exchange rates at the time of loading. It can be used for purchases and ATM withdrawals worldwide, offering competitive rates and minimizing foreign operation fees. With additional features like real-time spending notifications and the ability to manage funds through a mobile app, Caxton FX Currency Card provides a hassle-free travel money option.

Monzo international currency card

A prominent UK-based digital bank offers an international currency card that enables customers to spend and withdraw money abroad without incurring excessive commissions. The Monzo app provides real-time notifications and budgeting tools, making it easier to track expenses while travelling. With its user-centric approach and commitment to transparency, Monzo has gained popularity among travellers seeking a reliable multi-currency solution.


As the global economy continues to thrive, having the best foreign currency account in the UK is essential for individuals and companies looking to capitalize on international financial opportunities. Whether you opt for virtual bank options like Wise or Revolut, or industry-specific solutions like Payoneer, or Barclays Currency Current Account, the choices available cater to diverse needs and preferences. Additionally, multi-currency accounts and cards offer a convenient travel money alternative, simplifying transfers and reducing fees. By leveraging these innovative solutions, you can unlock your financial potential and embrace the opportunities of a borderless world.

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