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Benefits of using BTC in online casinos

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25th Jul 22 10:31 am

People who are new to crypto are curious as to how coins like Bitcoin (BTC) work. They’ll be glad to know that there are various ways BTC can be applied to fund a business, buy products and services online, and the best part yet, used to place wagers at online casinos.

With the existence of fiat currency like the US dollar or the British pound, why would you consider crypto as your primary means of betting? Check out some benefits when using crypto like BTC when betting in online casino sites!

Easy and quick payment options

When visiting online casinos like Bitcasino.io, you’ll be greeted with several crypto payment methods like Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum. This isn’t to promote these specific coins but to give bettors another mode of payment aside from traditional currency. Since it is decentralized and uses blockchain technology, it guarantees faster and more secure transactions.

Depositing and withdrawing using traditional currencies like the US Dollar or Euro is just not enough when you have lightning transaction speeds with BTC or other digital assets. It will take you 3 to 5 business days for a fiat currency to finish the transaction while BTC and crypto transactions take minutes or even seconds to complete.

Great alternative to fiat currency

Aside from the obvious transaction speeds that make BTC a worthy alternative, there are a few jurisdictions that forbid banking institutions from allowing clients to deposit money in online casino sites.

To use the coins, players need to use digital wallets that are used similarly to your traditional wallet but are operated online. It simply stores your coins until you want them to be used for trading and placing bets.

What’s even more convenient is that you simply need to provide your wallet address or scan the QR code when depositing funds to a casino site. It is also best to make sure that the site is regulated and licensed to operate.

You also remain anonymous when depositing and withdrawing coins because of blockchain technology. With this, you no longer have to worry about central authorities looking over your transactions.

Inflation and tax resistant

Aside from benefits like safe and fast transactions, you also get economical benefits that make a huge difference. Crypto can be traded using fiat money, but these coins are not tied to any legal tender.

That means that there is no central authority that governs the valuation and minting of any crypto coins in the world, leading to an immunity in inflation and taxes.

Any central authority cannot interfere with any crypto transactions unlike when at land-based casinos. This is a huge advantage as you get the whole package of your winnings which makes the experience much more memorable and satisfying.

Fortunately, casino sites like Bitcasino.io accept BTC and other coins you have in your digital wallet, and it’s going to make your life a lot easier. If you like the convenient features provided by coins like BTC, then start placing your wagers with your coins and begin your winning journey now!

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