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Ask these questions before planning to become a qualified first aider

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30th May 22 3:59 pm

What brings a difference between life and death?

Well, the only thing that brings a slight yet remarkable difference is first-aid.

Nowadays, first-aider has become a brighter career, and its demand in companies is gradually increasing. Before you decide to become a qualified first aider, check out some queries and their answers.

Are you perfect for the role of first aider?

Before proceeding on this journey, you must decide whether you fit perfectly in the role of a first aider. A first-aider must have the right attitude, behavior, and adequate skills to handle any critical situation when no immediate medical assistance is available. If you are interested in being a qualified first aider, you must carry the role responsibly and confidently.

In companies, you will also interact with & train employees about common first-aid practices. Hence, you should also have sound communication skills.

What skills do you need?

First aid training is the basic necessity to start your carrier as a first aider. Each business has different first-aid training procedures and policies. Hence, you should find the right training to match the company.

How can you enroll for first aid at work (FAW)?

For interested candidates, the first step is having basic command of English. Before enrolling for the First Aid at Work, Level 2 English is required to qualify for the training. If you are new to FAW, prefer taking assistance before enrolling in the training.

Which training course is best to choose?

This is an important question as you will be investing your time, effort, and money in becoming a qualified first aider. Below are the points that you should check in the training course:

  • Check whether the training provider is competent to deliver a qualified training
  • Shortlist more than one training provider. Avoid proceeding one before thorough research
  • Check whether the trainers/assessors have a FAW certificate?
  • Check whether the course content meets the needs of your workplace as indicated by your first-aid needs assessment.

NOTE: Since October 2013, the HSE has stopped issuing ‘training numbers’ to first aid training companies.

Where does FAW training take place?

The training for FAW depends upon the training provider. If required, the employers can arrange first-aid training at their office/workplace. However, some employees prefer a designated place for first aid training.

How to proceed after training completion?

After you are done with the training, you will be granted a certificate. After the training is done, you should continue learning to keep the skills updated and fresh. Post-training, the employers will ensure you get the right role matching your skills and certifications.

Presently the government has fixed the presence of the first aider in every workplace, depending upon their strength. Below are the government gives the guidelines.

Low-hazard workplaces (Offices and Shops)

  • At least one person for fewer than 25 employees
  • At least 1 EFAW trained first-aider for 25-50 employees
  • At least 1 FAW trained first-aider for more than 50 employees

High-hazard workplaces (Construction, Warehousing, and Manufacturing)

  • At least one appointed person for fewer than five employees
  • At least 1 EFAW trained first-aider for 5-50 employees
  • At least 1 FAW trained first-aider for every 50 employees (For more than 50 employees)

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