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Article 50: What happens next?

29th Mar 17 3:33 am

Brexit: next possible steps..

Theresa May has now signed the formal letter to exit Brexit, so what happens next? Here is a very brief ‘guideline’ as to what the next steps ‘may’ look like.

  • 29 March 2017, the Prime Minister Triggers Article 50, the Eu summit leaders will meet without Theresa May to agree the European Commission mandate to start negotiations with the UK
  • May 2017, European Commission will publish the negotiating guidelines that its given by the 27 EU leaders
  • May or June 2017 EU and UK negotiations may begin
  • 23 April and 7 May are the French presidential elections
  • 24 September are the parliamentary German elections
  • October 2018 the British government will have hoped to have completed all negotiations
  • March 2019 the UK will formally leave the EU. However, Article 50 negotiations could be extended with the approval of the 27 EU member states


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