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All about the huge ‘Dinosaur footprints’ on Isle of Skye

by LLB Reporter
3rd Apr 18 1:58 pm

Trackways are 170m years old

More than 170m years ago, dinosaurs were present in an area what is now Great Britain. This is because dozens of giant dinosaur footprints have been discovered in a muddy lagoon off Scotland’s Isle of Skye.

Despite the tidal conditions, scientists have managed to identify two trackways to sauropods and theropods.

Dr Steve Brusatte, from the University of Edinburgh’s School of GeoSciences, who led the field team, said: “The more we look on the Isle of Skye, the more dinosaur footprints we find.

“This new site records two different types of dinosaurs – long-necked cousins of Brontosaurus and sharp-toothed cousins of T. rex – hanging around a shallow lagoon, back when Scotland was much warmer and dinosaurs were beginning their march to global dominance.”

Most of the prints were made by the “older cousins” of Tyrannosaurus rex, called theropods – which stood up to two metres tall – and by similarly sized long-necked sauropods, according to the Evening Standard.

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