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All aboard the Tube fare time machine: how much will your commute cost in 2050?

by LLB Editor
22nd May 14 10:51 am

If you were to draw up a list of gripes for Londoners, then how much we fork out on Tube travel would definitely top the list.

But will things get better in the future? Sadly not, according to the “Tube Fare time machine”.

A tool created by LondonOffices.com looks at the average increases in travelcard prices for the last 30 years to predict how fares will change in the future.

The tool, which goes from 1983 to 2050, shows that in 2050 you will pay £61.44 for a weekly travelcard for zones one and two – that’s 96% more than what you pay right now (£31.40).

The tool predicts that Londoners will pay almost £110 a week for a zones one to six travelcard by 2050.

One commuter said: “I’ve been travelling in London for the past 10 years and I’ve seen Tube prices go through the roof.

“A two or three per cent increase may sound small but over the years it soon builds up. I pay nearly £1260 per year for my travel – that is a huge chunk out of my salary.”

Alec Ryan, from LondonOffices.com, who made the tool said: “This tool is a fascinating way to see into the past present and future when it come to the cost of commuting.

“It has become accepted that increasing tube fares are a part of life and our predictions are what we consider to be a conservative estimate.

“Around four million people a day use the underground network, therefore investment does have to take place so the system is able to cope with these pressures.

“But is pushing a huge chunk of the burden onto the individual commuter the answer?”

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