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Alex Nieora on why season 2 of CBS’s FBI is all set to be even better than the first

by Alex Nieora
25th Jun 19 10:15 am

Did any of you guys see season one of CBS’s FBI? If you’re anything like me, you were hooked from the pilot. I love anything that Dick Wolf (the show’s creator) does. He’s the brains behind Law & Order and Chicago dramas and for FBI he teamed up with Craig Turk (The Good Wife). Talk about a dream team.

Wolf apparently wanted to do a show about the FBI for a long while, and with FBI for CBS his genius for gripping procedural drama really shines. Turns out he is good buddies with (former) real-life FBI chief James Comey too, which must have come in handy!

So was season one any good? And why do I think season two is all set to be even better?

An incredible cast and crew

Well, the season one character development was a big plus, for one. The show creators know a thing or two about casting and I think they did an awesome job on this show. Missy Peregrym, Ebonée Noel, Jeremy Sisto and Sela Ward are such a tight team. And with Zeeko Zaki as O.A. – the first Arab-American lead on US network TV – they’ve found a true break out star.

From the pilot on, you get such a sense of a bunch of professionals doing everything they can to foil some of the most evil people imaginable.

Each episode builds tension brilliantly. Whether it is hunting down a rogue poisoner or investigating extremists, you’re never sure how it’s all going to turn out in the end.

You hope for the best, sure, but these guys certainly know how to create characters you care about, put them in danger and then leave you on the edge of your seat.

A show that raises the bar for crime procedurals

This is a tough one to pull off too – it’s not like there aren’t plenty of other crime procedurals out there already. A show has to be pretty special to stand out.

And FBI is – take an episode like ‘Family Man’. It has what could be a pretty standard storyline about the kidnapped daughter of a senator. Time is running out, and, surprise, surprise, it turns out the senator has a few buried secrets that affect the case.

It’s testament to the skill of Wolf and Turk just how gripping the episode is – they take a familiar tale of family secrets and turn it into something truly awesome.

Season two is all set to be awesome

So why do I think season two going to be even better? Well, because of the quality of Wolf and Turk for one. They felt like they were just getting into their stride by the close of season one.

The finale uncovered a massive criminal conspiracy, and I can’t wait to see how that unravels – especial with Maggie working on it. That’s a big risk for Dana too, so the politics between them are going to be fascinating.

But the other reason season 2 is going to be awesome is Milena Govich. Remember her from is Law & Order? Well, she’s now going to be director and co-executive producer of FBI, and she’s going to have a big impact. Govich is a strong addition to what was already a great creative team behind the show.

The entire cast and crew behind FBI set the standard in season one – but  season two will take things to another level.

Words by Alex Nieora.

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