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Alejandro Betancourt’s Hawkers named as one of the best brands for sunglasses

by John Saunders
9th Nov 21 12:52 pm

When people think of sunglasses, they might think of any number of things. Some people see them solely as a means to protect their eyes from the glare. Some see them as a way to top off their outfit with the perfect accessory. Some see them as an accessory they’re bound to leave in a movie theatre or restaurant. The best businesses find a way to appeal to every kind of customer.

Hawkers, a company born and bred in Spain, was recently named one of the best sunglass brands in the world for its innovative styles and iconic collaborations. Popular website news.com.au specifically praised Hawker’s One Venm Hybrid Sunglasses, a style that’s available in four colours and features UV400 protection (plus anti-slip nose pads).

Much of the company’s retail success can be attributed to a man who came in during the earlier stages of the company: Alejandro Betancourt. We’ll look at how Betancourt was able to appeal to a younger target demographic with the help of a little ingenuity and a lot of hard work.

The retail success of Hawkers

While Hawkers doesn’t take praise and awards for granted, it’s also worth noting that it’s not a novelty for the company to be named as one of the best brands of sunglasses. The company has received numerous recognitions over the years, largely because it’s managed to offer key benefits to its demographic.

Alejandro Betancourt defines the brand in several ways:

  • Authentic: This brand is known for building a real audience with loyal fans all over the world. This kind of organic growth can’t be bought.
  • Conscious: Environmentally and socially conscious, the brand’s values are aligned with the values of many young people today.
  • Affordable: Hawkers offers some of the hottest styles in the world but at a fraction of the price. From college students to first-year professionals, this has proven to be a huge selling point for the brand.
  • Fun: Lewis Hamilton, the LA Lakers, Usher: these are just a few examples of the kinds of people and brands that partner with Hawkers. By tapping into pop culture, the brand stays relevant and fresh with its hip audience.

“Since I led Hawkers’ first funding round as an angel investor, the founders saw that I could help them with brand expansion, building strategic business relationships, and creating more fundraising opportunities,” said Betancourt. It was a smart move for the founders to lean into his experience as a professional.

Alejandro Betancourt and social media

Part of why Hawkers connects with a young audience is due to its success on social media. From the beginning of his involvement in the mid-2010s, Alejandro Betancourt would push for emerging platforms like Instagram and other social media sites as the best avenue for advertising.

When Betancourt took over, the brand might have been growing, but the profit margins weren’t. If the company was going to attain a worldwide presence, it needed a strategy that wouldn’t overtax its budget.

Social media acknowledged the most important people in the marketing equation — genuine fans of the sunglasses. The company then partnered with them by offering incentives to promote a brand they were busy promoting already. By building out programs that rewarded people for looking chic, it turned into a win-win for all.

By formalising relationships with customers, they were able to improve goodwill without compromising the integrity of the brand. It was Alejandro Betancourt’s foresight that would bring it fruition. Since then, the company has been able to branch out to Asia, North America, and Europe.

Positioning the brand

Hawkers is becoming the go-to choice for young people around the world, largely because the company consistently innovates its messages to keep up with the trends of today. Influencer marketing today isn’t what it was 5 years ago, and Alejandro Betancourt understands that strategies will always need to refresh to keep up with a rapidly changing audience.

It’s why he’s so excited about the new H2O line from Hawkers — it solidifies the commitment to the planet the brand always had. These sunglasses are made from a combination of biodegradable components and recycled materials. In fact, parts of the accessory were made using the plastic found in our oceans. By rescuing our water from dangerous chemicals and pollution, Hawkers is turning trash into treasure for its customers.

Between its growing demographic, solid brand values, and worldwide recognition, Hawkers has a solid foothold in the market. Alejandro Betancourt looks forward to seeing just how far it can go.

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