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Across the Pond: American trade and investment success stories in the UK

17th Jul 17 9:05 am

Here’s why

BritishAmerican Business, in partnership with the UK Embassy in Washington D.C., have launched ‘Across the Pond – American Trade and Investment Success Stories in the UK’ at an event attended by more than 150 members of the transatlantic business community as well as senior government stakeholders from both the US and UK.

Across the Pond features 17 transatlantic trade and investment success stories from American companies of all sizes who have made the jump to the UK.

Companies featured include NBC Universal, Zebra Technologies, Boeing, Amodex, Citi, UPS, 3M, Hello! Lucky, United, New Balance, Insequence, The National Football League (NFL), Nano Lumens, NuStep, AIG, IBM and Smith & Wollensky.

Patrick Davies, deputy chief of mission at the British embassy in Washington D.C, said: “From Manchester, England to Miami and Minneapolis, I’ve seen British and American businesses flourish because of the strong trade and investment partnership between the UK and US.

“More than a million jobs on each side of the pond exist because of the special relationship between our two countries. This report shows how American companies are able to thrive and create new jobs in the US as they grow their business successfully in the UK. I hope many more will follow these examples.”

Matt James, acting US director for UK department for international trade said: “In 2016/17, the UK attracted 2,200 new foreign direct investment projects.

“The US is clearly our top FDI partner, investing more than 550 projects into the UK, three times as many as any other country.”

“The UK remains an incredibly attractive destination for American companies to invest, thrive and grow and will continue to be the case as Britain leaves the European Union.”

Jeffries Briginshaw, CEO, British American business said: “At a time of deep global uncertainty, what’s clear is that trade and investment continues to underpin the transatlantic relationship; driving innovation, leading on sustainability and delivering jobs and growth providing economic benefit to citizens in both countries.”

“BritishAmerican Business is proud to lead this campaign that demonstrates the real value of trade and the enduring special business relationship that inexorably links the United States and United Kingdom.”

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