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A quick recap of the Super Max Premium SD card April Fool’s joke

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25th Apr 19 1:50 pm

April Fool’s day has become a long-established tradition. It is a time when families have a joke at one another’s expense, colleagues play pranks on each other and people look for all kinds of unique situations that they can take advantage of. If the correct subject is chosen and the correct prank applied, all parties can have a bit of fun and a memory that can last for years to come.

Technology is always a good subject for a joke or prank as people are precious about their equipment and since there are regular innovations and new products coming to the market all of the time, it is easy to use this medium to ‘fool’ people.

The Super Max Premium SD Card April Fool’s joke can be summarised as follows:

We are all needing more and more storage these days, on our phones, our laptops, our computers and so on as most of us now understand the advantages of online storage compared with paper storage. Even those who are less familiar with technology and who in the past would never have considered using this method, have now moved to online storage. As we store more and more, we need bigger and bigger SD cards.

Did you miss this huge SD card release on April 1st? Enter the Super Max Premium SD Memory Card InfinityX. This exclusive memory card is advertised as having huge storage capacity. We have heard of Megabytes (MB), Gigabytes (GB), Terabytes (TB) and now we hear a discussion about Petabytes (PB). Well, the InfinityX comes in a choice of card sizes, you can choose from the 16PB, 32PB, and 64PB versions, huge storage capacity for those who do not want to run out.  It is advertised as being so advanced that it meets specifications, not yet considered and not yet in existence. This card is big enough to store anything that you want it to. As it is so big, the advertised weight of the card is around 30 pounds.

A card big enough so as not to be lost and in addition it comes with its own key fob and alarm for extra security, so no need to worry about losing the card. The card is waterproof, magnet proof and x-ray proof too making it extremely versatile and virtually indestructible. It comes with an offering of 3 label options. You can choose from the ‘chute’ label, the ‘Greenland’ label or if you prefer, you can just go along with the standard label. Each card will come pre-loaded with features such as your childhood photographs as donated by your mother and the entire world collection of fine art photographs. The SD Ultra Extreme Mega Memory Card Pro is the next card to be released and in addition to the features of the Super Max Premium SD Memory Card InfinityX, this new card is going to be available with an extra 4GB of storage.

The card comes well reviewed with comments from people loving all the extra storage which the card provides.

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