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A pro guide to Mac features you probably don’t use

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27th Sep 21 2:35 pm

Apple devices are popularly known for having advanced features and high performance. Most techies prefer purchasing Mac devices because they are durable and robust. If you are a Mac owner, you might have discovered several unfamiliar features. Most Mac users don’t know about these hidden features and their functions even after an extended period of using the machines.

This article offers a guide to help you understand the amazing features that will blow your mind. Here are some of the Mac features you didn’t know about:

Merge folders

Did you know you can merge two folders with identical names without replacing the contents? Usually, when you drag a folder to another with a similar name, the system prompts you to replace one. However, this feature allows you to merge the folders into one with the contents of both folders. You can do this by using the merge feature, which is accessible when you drag a folder to the destination folder.

Creating signatures

Another interesting feature that most users don’t know is signature creation. Your Mac has an in-built feature that allows you to create signatures to append to your Mac document. All you have to do is access the annotations toolbar in the document preview. There is an option to create a signature from built-in insight after clicking the signature button. Make sure you follow the prompts for signature addition. Besides, if you’re not currently using it, you can save it for future purposes.

Fast dictionary access

Users can quickly learn the shortcut of accessing the Mac dictionary and save a few minutes of opening it. If you have an old Mac version, you can type in ⌘⌃D, and it will show the definition. Conversely, if you have the Lion version, double-tapping will bring up the definition. This feature allows quick access to unclear words.

Restore scroll bars

Using the Mac Lion Version, you may have noticed the scroll bars are invisible by default. Some users prefer having the scroll bars active for efficient use. To restore the scroll bar, you have to alter the default settings on the system preferences. Proceed to the general category and activate the option of showing scroll bars.

Automatic word completion

Mac users with spelling problems can take advantage of this interesting feature. As you are typing, this secret feature will help you in completing the difficult word. It is accessible when you press the option key and escape or the F5 key. You will view a list of all the possible words that you want to use on your document as you are typing. It is an innovative feature that comes in handy when composing official documents.

Duplicate an open file

Most Mac apps don’t have the ‘Save As’ option to copy a file when it is open. However, there is an efficient way of duplicating an open file with ease. You don’t have to bother heading to the main file menu. All you have to do is click at the top where the filename is located, and you will view several options on a drop-down menu. Select the ‘duplicate’ option, and it will replicate the document immediately.

Hot corners

Another hidden feature that you probably don’t use is the hot corners. It enables users to trigger particular actions on the Mac. You can touch the screen corner and activate the feature. But, you have to set it first on the system preferences. It is a helpful feature that can open programs, launch alerts, or disable the screensaver.

Creating a new desktop

The Lion version in Mac machines has an amazing feature called mission control. It allows users to create new desktops with ease. There is a ‘+’ tab to drop the windows you want to create another desktop.

Mac computers have many other exceptional features that simplify the user experience. Apart from the above options, you can research further and learn more about the hidden features.

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