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A good influencer marketing campaign – essential for a brand

by LLB Reporter
9th Jul 17 12:50 pm

How it works

Living in the 21st century means that you are constantly influenced by the information that is presented to you across the web. As such, the way in which it is structured, addressed and channeled can make all the difference in the world for a brand. The content shared by people helps build or destroy a brand, and for this reason companies need to be extremely cautious with their influencer marketing campaigns, regardless of the platform we are talking about.

The New York Times has published a study that showed 85% of the users who shared content declared that they got more familiar both to the product and the company itself. Moreover, 70% of the adults have declared that their buying decision has been affected by the information that was shared on the web. Still wondering why are influencers so essential to marketers?

But How Does It Work?

The influencers, whether we are talking about celebrities or micro-influencers, determine our shopping choices in very subtle ways. Brands are quick to choose their influencer marketing campaigns in order to enjoy better sales, and platforms are made for brands in order to make them search easier for collaborators. The platforms even help people create some influencer directories or offer content for them to use.

And yet, many people are wondering how influencers are making money selling products. There are many similar platforms online, and people are using them in order to get in touch with marketers. According to various studies, multi-channel campaigns have been having a huge success in the last years. The influencers who use this strategy rely at least on three social platform for each campaign. What’s paradoxical is the fact that Snapchat hasn’t been used so much, despite being really popular recently.

The Rise of Instagram

Instagram is another social media app that is reaching its success. It’s some sort of a media sweetheart when it comes to influencer marketing. Since the beginning of 2017, it has caught on to 100 million users more, thus having more than 700 million. Media Kix has made a recent study, showing that by 2018, the influencer marketing spending that was made only for Instagram might double, thus reaching $2.4 billion.

This social network is particularly popular in America. More than 36% of the people between 16 and 29 years of age declared that they are posting more there than they did in 2016. As such, marketers are trying to take advantage of this, and the number of brand sponsored posts reached 9.7 million. The number is expected to pass 32 million by 2019, which is huge if you think about it. Even though there are some fake follower accounts, brands are trying to recruit influencers with more than 10,000 followers.

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