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66% of UK are workers happy, but they are still considering leaving

by LLB Reporter
13th Dec 22 12:00 pm

GP who are the leading Global Employment Platform™ that makes it fast, simple, and compliant for companies to hire anyone, anywhere, today announced the findings of its fourth annual Global Employee Survey.

Exploring the overall sentiments, professional interests and career goals of modern workers from a variety of regions across the world, the study found that while the majority of today’s workforce is happy at their current jobs– they’re also willing to look elsewhere for the right opportunity, and would even pursue years of schooling or training in order to switch careers. 

The 2022 Global Employee Survey, which gathered input from thousands of employees across nine regions, revealed that today’s workforce is actively invested in their professional futures and careers — and despite recent waves of economic uncertainty, is interested in pursuing new opportunities and industries.

The 2022 Global Employee Survey asked respondents from around the world to share information such as their likes and dislikes about their current positions, as well as what perks, benefits and other values they most desired from their careers. According to the survey, today’s workforce determines the value of their careers by more than their paychecks – and expressed desire for options like greater flexibility and the ability to take advantage of new and emerging professional opportunities. 

In the United Kingdom specifically, wanting different benefits (19 per cent) and better job security (17 per cent), were the most encouraging reasons for respondents to make the switch to a new career vocation or sector. Additionally, UK employees said they would also make the change in order to feel more fulfilled (28 per cent) and to learn something new (23 per cent). However, considerations including age concerns (35 per cent), success at their current job (34 per cent), and comfort with their salary (29 per cent), are all currently dissuading respondents from moving on.

66% of UK workers said they are happy with their current job, however, making a professional switch isn’t out of the question – and those that do plan to switch roles, intend on doing so within the next two years. When asked about the reasons they are staying at their existing role, their coworkers (32 per cent), the work itself (29 per cent) and the hours (22 per cent) were the main factors. But, if employees were able to, they would like to address their current hours (28 per cent), their health care benefits (27 per cent) and the commute time (22 per cent) in their current role.

Worldwide, the survey revealed today’s employees are focused on professional development, with an emphasis on new opportunities for reskilling and additional training. In tandem with this desire to pursue upskilling, the survey also found that when it comes to the most encouraging reasons to switch careers, the global workforce aligned around the top reasons to make a change:  better pay, to feel more fulfilled, and to learn something new.

“This data shows that most workers are currently, and will continue to be, invested in their professional future,” said Bob Cahill, CEO of G-P. 

“People want to be prepared in times of change and ready for new opportunities and that includes considering new kinds of careers. 

“This is heightened by the fact that the global talent pool is undergoing a dramatic, unprecedented shift. If you factor in the possibility of hiring talent remotely and combine it with the willingness workers have to put in the time it takes to train and develop, employers have an opportunity to hire the team members they need for their hard to fill positions — particularly within the technology sector. This presents a clear opportunity for employers to think about how they recruit, hire and manage their workforce.”

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