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5G tech to change city life

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16th Jul 20 3:39 pm

The next big stage of mobile networking is coming in the form of 5G and those living in the big cities across the world will be the very first to gain access to it – in fact many parts of London already have limited access outdoors, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges to overcome before the benefits are felt, but these changes are also two fold in places like London where an older infrastructure needs a little tweaking.

The older infrastructure is what will cause the rollout to take a little longer as hardware needs to be updated to support the newer networking across the region which takes time when there’s already an established infrastructure but is also in part what will help change city life when 5G is implemented – with the increasing speeds that come with 5G it has already been suggested that it may entirely replace home internet for some as the speeds for both download and upload are much higher than what is traditionally available and often times at just a portion of the cost, and in certain areas of London where upgrades to internet availability may be slow it serves as a great alternative in a situation where even modern fibre connections may still be years away.

There’s also the consideration of capacity – if you’ve ever been in an extremely crowded location you may have noticed that your mobile speeds slow down considerably as more users are crowding the available network, but this is situation that has been solved with 5G largely as the capacity is widely increased, and for those city based users who regularly rely on their mobile network for connectivity may immediately see a change with speeds remaining high regardless of how many active users are on the network at any given time.

The benefits aren’t only available to those living the city life however is 5G is set to change many aspects of modern mobile usage – the biggest perhaps being in one of the fastest growing markets in the world of mobile gaming – recent changes have made it harder for some users to gain access to many sites through initiatives such as gamstop, but as Max Casino’s list of sites not on gamstop continues to grow many of these restrictions aren’t so obtrusive, especially as during this lockdown period many have turned to mobile gaming as a new hobby whilst they wait to get back to work and the normal day to day.

Whilst current access is a little spotty and spread out, changes are coming through quite quickly as providers are keen to get 5G online in a timely manner, if you have a capable device and are in a location where it is accessible you should try out a speed test to notice the huge differences that will be felt, and to gain a little glimpse at just how big a difference this next stage mobile networking and all it has to offer.


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