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5 Coffee etiquettes you should mind in office

17th Apr 18 1:28 pm

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Everyone loves their cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning and during office break. But just because your office is generous with it, it doesn’t mean you should push the management to spring up their budget and introduce some more convenient options. Maintain your professionalism, and mind these issues

Empty and replace

Every morning, we rush to the office kitchen to get our first cup of coffee or tea. Very often, we are devastated to learn that the coffee machine is out of coffee, and we don’t have the ingredients anymore.

Therefore, whenever you use the “last” of anything, you better replace it as your courtesy to co-workers. It doesn’t matter whether it’s coffee, sugar, tea or anything. Be generous, and try to make it a rule.

Clean up after yourself

Do you want to be surprised? Do quick surveys of your team, especially the privileged workers who have their bosses buy coffee for them? You will notice almost half of them leave a mess behind for others to clean. This is very annoying, and we need to improve on it.

It’s true we spend more time at our work than home, but it doesn’t mean we should leave a mess behind for someone else to clean. So, don’t turn your office into your home environment.  If you made a mess, you better clean it up, even if the office has a full-time cleaner. Show some manners.

Never steal food

Have you ever brought a snack to work and saved it for lunch only for someone else to enjoy it. This is very frustrating, and it is a form of theft.  This can lead to heated accusation and an air of suspicion in the workplace. This work atmosphere doesn’t promote productivity.

In such case, you will create an awkward situation where every employee will label their food and ask for permission to take their co-workers food back to the room. No one in their sane mind would want such working atmosphere.

Avoid gossip

Office breaks can make an escape from unreasonable deadlines where you can enjoy office coffee in London. But, you should steer clear of co-workers who want you to gossip about the workplace or others.

Make sure your break room is only reserved to help escape from stress. While these rules make sense to you, don’t assume your co-workers to share these thoughts. If you want others to understand it, make sure you get these rules printed out and posted so you can enforce them.

Doing so will help you achieve a harmonious work environment.

Keep control

You should never indulge in your novelties while working. Therefore, you should keep control and limit your choices to the basics. If your office is kind enough to afford coffee, just stop there, don’t start ordering something expensive like hot chocolate.

You need something serious instead of soft and cuddly. Stay sophisticated while ordering with your colleagues, you can’t munch food as you do at home. So, remember your table etiquettes.

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