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12 tricks about online slots you wish you knew before playing online

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26th Jul 19 12:50 pm

The world of online casinos and slots is expanding dramatically. People across the country and around the world are trying their hand at winning the big bucks by sitting on their computers or mobile devices.

Online casinos draw you win with exciting graphics and high jackpots. It’s easy to be lured into the traps of low probability machines just because they look entertaining. In reality, they don’t offer much chance of success.

There is no guarantee to win any slots because of the randomness of each one. There are, however, some ways that you can increase your chances for a big win.

Even if you’re already deep into the world of playing online slots, it’s not too late to change your game. Keep these 12 simple tricks in mind while you are playing to drastically alter your chances of winning.


  • Keep your cool during gameplay


It is easy to get emotional when your hard-earned money is on the line. If you go into a game expecting to win, the letdown of a loss will feel huge.

Any professional gambler will tell you that letting your emotions get the best of you is a mistake. You have to keep your head up and keep trying, even after you lose. You will still have many more chances to get back up.

Playing when you are angry can cause you to become more reckless and make poor decisions, like betting money you don’t have.

Online slots are totally random, so don’t let the computer get in your head. Keep having fun and staying positive to make the smartest betting moves that you can.


  • Keep a close eye on your spending


Have a notepad handy when you’re hitting the online slots Why? So you can track how much money you spend on each slot.

Knowing just how much you put into each slot is especially important if you’re trying to win big. You can’t keep playing if you run out of money, and you won’t know if you’re running out of money if you don’t keep track.

It is also a good idea to track how often you win and how much you spend on each click of the pull button. This will help you be able to predict the probability of winning on that slot based on the average you find.

Before you even start placing bets, set yourself a budget so you don’t lose everything you have. Go in with a specific number in mind and keep yourself in check as you go.

It is also smart to put any winnings aside rather than increasing your budget so you still walk away with something. If you run out of money from the budget you set, that’s the end of your play for the day.

Be smart about your spending and you’re sure to have more fun and bet more effectively.


  • Play slots with low jackpots


As appealing as a jackpot in the millions of dollars might sound, the odds of hitting it are quite slim. You’ll end up putting in more money than you ultimately win, depleting your budget before you can make any more.

Slots with lower jackpots tend to have higher payouts that occur more often. It is also more likely that you will hit the jackpot when it is lower. Winning can be more frequent on these slots, making them more fun to play.

Higher jackpot slots don’t offer much of a chance to win, so try to avoid them. Opt for the lower jackpots instead to increase your chances.

All those zeros might be convincing but think about the loss you will take trying to win something so difficult to reach.


  • Watch for free gifts


To keep players coming back and to look better than the competition, online casinos give away free gifts for you to use on their slots.

Free spins and bonuses are always helpful when trying to win big. Check your online casinos frequently to take advantage of the free opportunities they offer.

Playing during the warmer months is more likely to get you the most freebies. This is when online casinos work the hardest to attract more players online.

Gaining free spins could be your chance to walk away with winnings without spending a dime.


  • Research before committing


With so many online options to choose from, it’s easy to quickly settle on a slot or casino online out of feeling overwhelmed. It might be worth it to take the extra time to learn about which online casinos and slots best suit your playing desires.

Get more information about online casino bonuses by reading reviews from other players. You can also browse the online casino website first to find out more information about it. You are more likely to end up in a better place after a little digging.

Don’t just click on the most highly advertised site that appears first after an internet search. They are less likely to result in a win because of their high traffic. Spend some time browsing the web before making your choice to increase the likelihood of a win.

Once you choose an online casino, it is a good rule of thumb to browse the games before making a selection. The ones on the homepage are likely to give away the least money. The casino wants you to play these so they make more money.

The best way to win is to take your time, both before and during gameplay. Reckless decisions lead to losses, and that means less time in the game.


  • Always play the maximum


You go into an online casino knowing you are going to spend money. Get the most bang for your buck by betting the maximum on each computerized pull of the slots.

Many people think that playing the maximum results in spending too much money. Truthfully, not playing the maximum results in more loss of money because the payout is not as high for low bets.

If you keep placing low bets and losing, you will ultimately lose more money than if you place higher bets and win just once. That one win has a much higher payout than if you were to bet the minimum.

Playing the maximum increases your winnings significantly, so it might be worth it for you to take that chance. Always keep your budget in mind, and save your winnings so you walk away in the positive.


  • Use free slots for practice


Don’t get caught up in always playing to win a reward on the online slots. It takes practice before you can really know the best strategies to win big.

Many online slots offer free plays on the slots that you can also bet on. Take advantage of these free turns to learn how the game works and the different bonuses you may encounter.

You can also learn about the pay-lines on that machine to gain more of an advantage. If you know how to bet more accurately, you are better equipped to win more often.

All online slots are different, making it worth your while to try a free game each time you pick a new one. Before you put in your money you should know how the game works and what methods will win you the most.


  • Know the slot’s paylines


If you want to win big, knowing the paylines is important on each slot. The slots all differ so getting in those practice spins is a great way to see the different outcomes.

Get to know the game when you test it without placing a bet so you can begin to figure out which paylines you want to play.

In theory, you want to bet on all the paylines to maximize your chances for a win. You should only do this, however, if the budget you set for yourself allows it. You don’t want to spend all your money on one spin!

There is no chance to win the jackpot if you do not bet on a majority of the paylines per spin. It might be a good choice to bet on all the paylines if you want a chance at the big money.

If you are just in it for a good time, placing more modest bets is the way to go. Try different combinations on each spin to see which paylines are the luckiest for you!

  1. Play online casinos with the highest payout percentages

When you are looking to choose an online casino to play in and which slots you prefer to try, it is beneficial to consider the return to player (RTP) percentage each slot has to offer.

Online casinos often show the Return To Player (RTP) percentage that its slots have. If the information is not listed, you could always contact the online casino’s support to find out.

The higher the RTP percentage on a slot, the better the chance you may have of winning on that game.

RTP refers to the amount given back to players based on their initial bet. As an example, if a player puts in $1 and the RTP is 95%, it is likely they will get back $0.95 of their dollar.

This percentage is just an average and not a guarantee. The winnings could always be higher or lower, depending on your luck during that game.

The RTP figure offers a good idea of how the machine performs, so it should be a factor that you look at before you play. Go for the higher RTP percentage for a chance to increase your winnings.


  • Cash-out when you’re up


If you get lucky and hit it big, it isn’t the best idea to keep testing your luck. You are more likely to lose more after you win if you continue to play. Don’t let that one big win go to your head!

Just because you have more money does not mean you should start placing higher bets. Keep some money in reserve so you do not end up losing more than you started with.

There is no pattern for online slots. They are completely random, so a winning streak is just luck. There is no guarantee that it will continue, so quit while you’re ahead.

It feels so much better when you end the game with more than you started with rather than if you were to risk it all and lose.


  • Play with multipliers and bonuses


Some slots online offer the chance to play using a multiplier. These increase your chances of winning significantly higher amounts of money. You can double or even triple the amount you would’ve won without it!

If you choose to play games with big bonus rounds, you can multiply your winnings more easily. A good way to find out about the bonuses is through testing the slot for free before betting.

Any time you are given the opportunity to play the bonus round with a multiplier, take advantage of it. It is best to increase your chances of winning more when it is available to you.

Playing online slots is all about chance. Take the chance to multiply your money for a bigger win!


  • Don’t focus on winning


Playing online slots is meant to be enjoyable and even fun. The point of the game isn’t always to win, but to have a good time.

Before playing online slots you should have an idea of what you want to get out of the experience. Don’t focus too much on winning the most money or you will end up being let down.

Instead, pay attention to the exciting graphics and the thrill of chance. The games are always more likely to win than you are, so go in for a good time without expecting much.

Winning will be much more exciting if you don’t expect it to happen! Look at a win as a bonus of playing all those fun slots.

Take a chance at online slots today. You might win big, but you will definitely have a great time! I hope these 12 tricks will lead you to your next win!

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