Why is London attracting business talent? “Loads of hot sex,” according to Michael Gove


New data has revealed that London is the most popular European capital for the world’s largest businesses to base themselves. Could this be due to the level of highly skilled workers and favourable location perhaps? You might think so, but Education Minister Michael Gove has a more sensational theory.

In a recent government recruitment summit with Joanna Shields, a former Facebook and Google executive and chair of Tech City UK, Gove said it is “not so much the high-tech opportunities” that bring people to the capital, but rather the “great opportunities to be successful, enjoy a great culture, have a good time and loads of hot sex.”

“Only Berlin comes close”, Gove added mysteriously.

According to the Daily Mail, Gove said: “We are increasing computer science lessons in school, but there are some things the government cannot do.”

The paper said that Gove’s remarks elicited a gasp from Home Secretary Theresa May, while David Cameron reportedly said: “Make sure that does not appear in the minutes.”

Gove went on to explain that he’d learned about the “hot sex” from a meeting with members of the Founders Forum, a network of business founders and entrepreneurs.

Seemingly unbothered by the reaction from the room, Gove allegedly added that he “thought everyone knew that.” 

Gove’s comments come hot on the heels of the revelation he is a fan of a musical sub-genre called “chap hop”, a blend of hip-hop and English rap.

There is mounting speculation that these strange happenings could be early warning signs that Gove is attempting to project a new image ahead of a possible leadership challenge.

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