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Why Britons and Americans are increasingly choosing to live in Portugal?

by Sarah Dunsby
5th Jun 24 12:53 pm

Recently, Portugal is becoming a favored destination for UK and US citizens. But what truly drives this trend? Why are many people giving up on the “American Dream” in favor of Portugal, particularly after reaching their 50s? However, don’t be mistaken—Portugal isn’t just for retirees. It’s equally popular among digital nomads, expats, and investors seeking new opportunities. We’ve thoroughly investigated the reasons behind this attraction and are eager to share our findings with you.

Mild and favorable Mediterranean climate

Portugal is a country that offers a pleasant getaway from the harsh weather when winter grabs other areas of the world, owing to its Mediterranean environment. From the sun-drenched southern Algarve to the refreshing seashore winds, the country welcomes tourists seeking warmth and pleasure. People who prefer a more temperate climate will find the Algarve appealing because of its pleasant summers and mild winters, although its northern counterpart is colder and experiences a lot of rainfall.

Quality of life and cost of living

It may be surprising that one of the key factors making Portugal a preferred destination for migrants is its high level of security. Portugal is ranked as the sixth safest country globally, with evaluations considering aspects like crime rates, terrorism, natural disasters, and conflict.

The country’s low crime rate and attentive police presence, which create a safe atmosphere, contribute to its allure. Moreover, Portugal is known for its welcoming attitude towards foreigners, ensuring that visitors and new residents alike experience a hospitable and friendly community.

Healthcare in Portugal

One of the most critical factors to consider before starting a life in a new country is the healthcare system. Especially in the aftermath of the pandemic, this has become a topic that all of us need to evaluate carefully. With healthcare services becoming more expensive and inaccessible worldwide, countries with solid healthcare systems have become more attractive.

Portugal has a well-organised healthcare infrastructure comprising both public and private sectors. Hospitals are equipped with the latest technology, and medical professionals are highly skilled. In the 2014 Euro Health Consumer Index, Portugal’s healthcare system ranked thirteenth, reflecting its effectiveness.

The management of public healthcare in Portugal falls under the responsibility of the Serviço Nacional de Saúde (SNS), the national health service overseen by the Portuguese Ministry of Health (Ministério de Saúde).

How to relocate?

So far, we have provided an overview for you about the attractions of Portugal and why people choose to settle there. But how do these people settle in? What is the path to life in Portugal? In the rest of the article, we have compiled the answers to these questions for you.

Portugal’s Golden Visa program

Portugal offers several ways to acquire a residency permit, and the Portugal Golden Visa is an option that is increasingly popular among those who want to make a valuable investment in their future.

This program allows qualified applicants to obtain a five-year residence permit by investing in the country. With this permit, investors gain the right to live, study, work and move around the Schengen area without a visa. Applicants can be eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship in five years, which is one of the quickest way to obtain citizenship among European countries.

Alternative residency routes prefered by Britons

UK citizens who meet the specific eligibility criteria can explore several visa options in Portugal, including the popular Portugal Golden Visa. Additionally, Portugal offers the D7 visa, also known as the passive income visa, which is ideal for individuals with a steady passive income. The D8 visa is another option, tailored for entrepreneurs and independent professionals looking to start and grow their businesses in Portugal. These diverse visa categories provide a range of opportunities for relocating and enjoying the benefits of living in Portugal.

Portugal has long been a popular holiday destination for British people, which adds to its attractiveness as a desirable place to relocate. British people looking to buy property in Portugal have consistently chosen the Algarve for many years, especially as they approach retirement.

Language is one of the important factors for Brits when choosing a place to live. For example, in Portugal, Porto comes forward with English being the best-spoken language in the city. Therefore, it is easy to communicate for Brits in their daily life.

Portugal steals the spotlight with easier citizenship pathways from other European countries

Portugal, with its welcoming culture, breathtaking scenery, and reasonably priced cost of living, is increasingly becoming popular for people from around the globe, including Americans and British nationals. The Portuguese government has strengthened this appeal by offering pathways to citizenship through various residency programs, notably the popular Portugal Golden Visa. This program, which attracts investors from across Europe, has recently been updated to allow Golden Visa holders to apply for citizenship after five years. This makes the Portugal Golden Visa program one of the quickest routes to acquiring a European passport, compared to other countries.

Portugal provides various living options to suit all tastes, from the lively expat hotspots of Lisbon to the tranquil countryside getaways. The country is a great place to begin an expat journey because it has a strong network of international community members and a developing foreign employment market.

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