Why are some former 2012 London Olympics staff still waiting to be paid thousands?


Workers have been waiting FOUR YEARS to be paid

Some staff who worked at the 2012 Olympics in London are still waiting to be paid for their work.

At least 11 stewards and security staff are owed more than a combined £16,000.

The BBC contacted the woman who employed them, Rukhsana Kauser, who denied having ever hired anyone.

The workers accuse her of running away with their money.

“The amount of money I was looking to get is around £1,500, for the work I did,” one of the workers, Jatinder Ghuman, said.

“We were doing 12 to 13 hour shifts and we were told that if we did five days in a trot – without breaking it…. We will actually get a £250 bonus as well.

“We didn’t even get that.”

Kauser’s firm, Britannia Security Service, sub-contracted out the labour but has since been dissolved.

The BBC investigation will appear on Inside Out London at 7.30pm tonight on BBC One London.



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