Who eats caterpillars for Christmas? Weird Christmas traditions around the world


Nothing says Christmas like the skull of a dead horse, as they say in Wales

Horse skull Mari Lwyd Chepstow

Welsh revellers celebrating Mari Lwyd with the remains of a deceased horse at Christmas in the town of Chepstow

What is wrong with humanity? Judging by this outlandish list of strange Christmas customs, there is a lot of weirdness about in the big wide world.

Christmas is supposed to be the one time of year when we get together with friends and family to celebrate the limitless bounty of capitalism. Also Jesus.

But out in Catalonia, in addition to this celebration, Catalans are busy entertaining themselves with defecating figurines which they put in nativity scenes. So, there’s Mary, Joseph, shepherds, the three magi, the son of God and a boy with his pants down curling one out.


A nativity scene with a defecating figurine, as is traditional in the land of Catalonia

Meanwhile, in Wales, the annual party in memory of baby Jesus has apparently been hijacked by audacious groups weilding horse skulls which are put on the end of long sticks and paraded through the villages.

The good people at the website Love Home Swap have taken it upon themselves to discover and report the most fascinating, disturbing and decidedly peculiar Christmas traditions from around the world. Have a look at the infographic below. May god have mercy upon our souls.

Weird Christmas infographic

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