Which two London boroughs have the biggest house price rises? They're not the ones you expect


South London seems to be the new sought-after area with prices in two London boroughs going up by nearly a third.

Prices in Lambeth climbed a whopping 31.5% last year to an average £551,662 in February, according to LSL Property Services.

Southwark was not far behind, soaring 24.8% to an average of £499,027.

Kensington and Chelsea, the areas traditionally associated with booming prices, saw a 19.1% rise, with prices averaging £1.8m.

The worst performer in London was Newham, where prices rose just 5.5% to £247,251, way below the average London rise of 13.3% and average house price of £522,499 and below still the UK average, which rose 7.2% to £262,291.


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