Which areas do the most and least spontaneous Londoners live?


Are Greenwich dwellers dull and boring? Are Hackney folk hip and happening? Yes, is the answer, it seems

Hackney Victoria Park

A typically spontaneous scene in Hackney

Generalisations eh? Problematic, but fascinating. Apply a few data-based overviews to parts of London, and you can build up an interesting picture of the city that may, to some degree at least, reflect elements of reality.

The latest data set to shine a light on our behaviour comes from YPlan, the event discovery and booking platform and app.

YPlan found that South East London including Lewisham and Greenwich is the least spontaneous area in the capital – with people from the East such as Hackney and Shoreditch being the most.

Their data also showed that people living in central London, including areas such as Soho and Fitzrovia, came third from bottom of the list.

The areas of London marked most to least spontaneous, based on percentages of bookings made on the same day of the event, are as follows:

1.      East London

2.      North West London

3.      West London 

4.      Central London 

5.      South West London 

6.      South East London 

YPlan’s 2015 bookings records also show that comedy was the most popular type of event for Londoners south of the river, whilst theatre came out on top for those north of it. 

In addition, food and wine tastings made it into the top five for people in the north, whilst those south of the river proved to be more interested in music. The most popular five types of events for both groups of Londoners are as follows:

North of the river

1.      Theatre

2.      Comedy

3.      Cinema

4.      Performance

5.      Food and wine tastings

South of the river

1.      Comedy

2.      Theatre

3.      Performance

4.      Cinema

5.      Music

Rytis Vitkauskas, CEO of YPlan said: “Luckily for SE Londoners, YPlan caters for both London’s spontaneous Simons and the forward-planning Francescas by offering the best events London has to offer from the day of the event up to a year in advance. Either go out spontaneously or spontaneously plan a night/day out, weeks or months in advance. All in a couple of taps on London’s favourite event discovery and ticketing app.”

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