Watch this dumb kid nearly die jumping off Tower Bridge


Did no-one tell him there is sewage in that water?

We all did stupid things as a teenager. But how many of us can say we were hospitalised after jumping from Tower Bridge into the Thames?

Seventeen year old Shah Faisal Shinwari was rescued by the RNLI after filling his lungs with dirty river water and being swept along by a fast-moving current.  

In the video on Shinwari’s YouTube channel, the teen spends a few seconds plucking up the courage and then vaults the rail, flinging himself over the side of the landmark.

It becomes obvious very quickly that Shinwari is in trouble.

Watch the video:

Later, he explained how he nearly died: “When I dropped into the water, I couldn’t breathe.

“It was the stupidest idea in the world.

“The current was carrying me down the river. I was shouting to my mates: ‘Help! Help!’

“It was low tide but I thought ‘low tide’ meant low current, which is even more stupid. If I’d jumped properly my leg would be broken and I would have died.”

Here’s the list of what went wrong, according to the teenager:

– Swallowed lots of dirty water

– Internal drowning

– Low tide

– Couldn’t swim against current

– Failed the jump

– Infection from water


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