Want to earn more money? Here's how to ask for a raise


Showing you the money

Jerry Maguire Tom Cruise

Jerry Maguire wants you to show him the money

“Show me the money”, Jerry Maguire famously said in the film about earning money.

“You had me at money”, comes the reply. Or something like that.

Either way, most humans at some point in their lives pursue money to some extent.

More money is usually what we say we want, but we also like spending money rather than hoarding it.

So, rather than cutting down spending, a good way of having more money is to earn more of it.

Improving your skills and obtaining a better job is one way to earn more.

Another is to just ask for more in your current job.

The good people at Instant Offices have produced a handy chart to show you how to achieve just that. Check it out:

How to ask for a raise

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