Tube strike on Saturday after fall-out over alcohol breath test


Unions warn of further strikes to come

Londoners will have to endure a Tube strike next weekend, as drivers are to stage a walk-out after the dismissal of a colleague over a failed alcohol breath-test.

The strike will begin at 21.30 on Saturday 7 March and finish at 03.59 on 8 March.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT), claims that the type of breathalyser used on the driver did not account for people with diabetes.

However, London Underground said that the driver in question failed two tests, and that the results would not have been affected by having diabetes.

London Underground chief operating officer Nick Brown said: “This indefensible strike is about one RMT member dismissed for failing two alcohol breath tests.

“We will not be swayed by it as we will never compromise on the safety of our customers and staff. You wouldn’t let someone who had been drinking alcohol drive your family in a car, and we don’t let people who have been drinking alcohol drive people’s families in Tube trains.”

But RMT general secretary Mick Cash warned that this strike could be the first of several. He said: “This action is the first stage as part of a rolling programme of industrial action and I urge all RMT London Underground train operators and instructor operators to stand firm together against this and any future injustices against RMT members.”

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