Trust in politicians sinks to all-time low


Disdain for Labour and Tories is driving voters to UKIP

Confidence in politicians has reached a pitiful nadir. Just one in 10 people believe that politicos want to do “their best for the country”.

The findings, which come from research by YouGov and Southampton University, highlight the extent of the mistrust in politicians’ motives.

The research revisits a poll of attitudes first taken 71 years ago. In 1944, people were asked: “Do you think that British politicians are out merely for themselves, for their party, or to do their best for their country?” 36% of respondents then felt politicians were doing their best for the country.

That figure has now slumped to 10%.

The researchers add that the main beneficiary of an increasingly disaffected electorate is UKIP.

According to YouGov: “UKIP voters are steadfastly negative about the political class. Some 74% of them believe that politicians are out for themselves and 19% for their party, with a paltry 3% thinking they are out to do their best for their country. This view of self-serving politicians is the unifying feature of attitudes of UKIP supporters.”

Another notable finding is that mistrust in politicians is more pronounced among older voters than among voters aged 18 – 24.

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