Top 10 weird and wonderful niche dating sites


There are so many dating sites out there it’s hard to know which one to go for as a lonely Valentine. Unless of course, one of these rather more niche sites tugs on your heart strings.

It’s that time of year. Couples all over London are out on the town, snuggled up and giggling in the cosy corner of a pub, feeding each other in romantic restaurants and walking along the Thames, wrapped up from the cold in their mutual adoration. Valentine’s Day is here again.

But what of the singles? For those of you not lucky enough to be someone’s better half, why not try one of the many niche dating sites to find yourself the perfect partner?

Back in December, we predicted that online dating would be one of the market niches to explode in 2012. Whether you’re into horses, hoes or hoedowns, there’s a dating site dedicated to your particular tastes. We’ve dug up the most wonderful, wacky sites out there to help you find the love of your life.

1.       www.cougared.com

Fans of Courney Cox’s post-Friends sitcom Cougar Town will be familiar with the concept. For those of you in the dark, Cougar-dating involves older women meeting up with younger men.

Judging by the sheer volume of sites catering to this particular niche it must be a popular one. With stars like Madonna and Demi Moore flying the flag for dating younger men, you can see why. Kind of…

2.       www.muddymatches.co.uk



Not afraid of the odd cow pat? Fancy a romp around the farmyard and a roll in the hay bales? This is the site for you.

A place to meet other “muddy minded” people, the site is a community where countryside folk meet and hopefully meet-up. Grab those wellies…

3.       www.ethicalsingles.com

Imagine a place where the world’s eco-warriors can meet and make the world better…as a team. This is it.

Members include: “green business practitioners, vegan vixens, organic farmers, human rights supporters, eco-warriors, pacifists, wildlife protectors, charity workers, earth-friendly consumers!”

4.       www.rugbylover.co.uk

Play a spot of rugby or fancy bagging yourself a rugger bugger? Forget hanging round at the local rugby club this is the place to find your partner.

As every good sports person knows, cauliflower ears are just part and parcel for real men. If you’re a dater who believes the same – you’ve found your site.

5.       www.dateamillionaire.com

Isn’t this what gold diggers all over the world have been trying to do for centuries? Now it’s easier than ever to meet Mr or Mrs Money-bags.

6.       www.jdate.com

JDate claims to have been building the Jewish community for more than a decade by matching Jewish singles up and down the country. Not enough totty at your local synagogue? Get building that profile.

7.       www.foodielover.co.uk

If you’re looking for love in the hope that next Valentine’s you’ll be sharing a candle lit dinner with someone, why not make sure it’s someone that cares about food. You don’t want to end up sharing a sarnie in Pret-A-Manger.

So if food is the way to your heart, you’re definitely on to a winner.

8.       www.sportysingles.com



At least on this site if they say they’re toned and athletic, the chances are they’re not lying.

Forget leisurely strolls, if your idea of romance is completing the three peaks challenge you should sign right up and find your own sporty single. Couch potatoes need not apply.

9.       www.sugardaddie.com

Close friend and confident of cougar-dating.com, this site matches young ladies with a penchant for the silver foxes with their perfect man.

The tagline “Where the classy, attractive and affluent meet” is enough to drive anyone to their laptop with fervour. Did they steel that from All Bar One?

10.   www.lovehorse.co.uk



Is there anything quite as romantic as riding alongside your lover astride a trusty stead? Imagine the beach, cantering along the sand, wind in your hair and a wistful expression of love plastered on your face.

At lovehorse, you might just find your perfect match. Oh and there’s no actual horses online. Just men and women. I think…