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There is an issue with the police as ‘irresponsible protesters’ try to block lanes on M25 for the fifth time

21st Sep 21 12:03 pm

More than 30 activists from Insulate Britain blocked lanes on the M25 causing chaos at Junction 10 near Woking on Tuesday morning.

“Irresponsible” protestors ran on to the motorway as cars and lorries were speeding down the M25 nealry knocking the activists over.

The police have come under fire by MPs over how they are handling these protests as this is the fifth time within days activists have blocked the UK’s busiest motorway.

LBC presenter Nick Ferrari challenged an activist on his morning radio show and said someone is going to get killed.

Ferrari said, “Someone, possibly one of your colleagues, is going to die… how can you can justify that?’

The woman said “It’s not about justifying it.

“The government is failing British families. Thousands of people will die this winter because of fuel poverty.”

The group are protesting as they want the government to reduce carbon emmisions by insulating Britain’s homes.

In a statement, published on Twitter, Surrey Police said: “Two lanes on both clockwise and anticlockwise carriageways of the M25 between junctions 9 and 10 are now fully re-opened after officers cleared all of the Insulate Britain protesters off of the road. 23 arrests have been made.”

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has criticised climate protesters disrupting the M25.

Shapps said, “I think it’s irresponsible, I think it’s dangerous.

“It’s completely counterproductive as well because they’re actually creating the pollution they want to get rid of by having cars standing still, so there’s no justification for that kind of action.

“I call on them to stop and the police to intervene.”

The Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said today’s M25 protest is “completely unacceptable” and “very disturbing.”

Kwarteng added that he is “surprised” by how the police are handling these protests.

The Tory MP said, “It is completely unacceptable behaviour. That is why Priti Patel is really trying to push action on this.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable for people to be delaying others who are critically injured and preventing them from getting vital hospital services.”

“Why aren’t police able to stop if before it starts?

“I think you would have to ask the local police enforcement and officers what is going on there.

“I was surprised as you were to see this happening and certainly I support the Home Secretary in her determination to try to sort this out.

“I was very surprised to see the footage this morning.

“Clearly there is something that is happening between the Home Secretary saying, bringing people together and then actually implementing those instructions, that guidance on the ground.

“That sometimes happens. It’s very disturbing.”

“We have introduced legislation that helps the police do their job.”

“There is an issue with enforcement and that is the problem we have here.”

Spokesperson Liam Norton said, “The idea that people would suddenly decide insulating our leaky homes is a bad idea as a result of our campaign is frankly laughable. We are simply asking the Government to get on with the job.

“The people of Britain understand that climate change is a severe threat to everything they hold dear. They are looking to the Government for leadership. We have a practical solution and have received encouragement for our aims from many construction industry professionals. ”

Climate change activist Dr Diana Warner, a retired GP from Gloucestershire, said: “Insulating homes is such a necessary action right now, for health, economy and climate. All our homes.

“Only the Government can get that done. Boris just needs to get on with it. This is a practical way to start to level up Britain. No words, we need action and results.”

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