The world's biggest egg hunt arrives in London, but think diamonds and celebs – not chocolate


After a 96 year hiatus Fabergé returned to London last autumn. Now they’re throwing eggs all over it. What on earth?

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Faberge Big Egg Hunt

Source: Charlie Clift

A display of some of the eggs in the Faberge Big Egg Hunt at Potter’s field with a view of London’s iconic Tower Bridge.

What do property developers Candy and Candy, Tommy Hilfiger, Zaha Hadid, Sir Ridly Scott and the Chapman Brothers all have in common? They’re loaded? Well, yes.  

They make stuff for people who are loaded? Well, yes that too. But, more importantly, they love eggs.

So much so in fact, they have each designed one for the Fabergé Egg Hunt. The what?  

Well if you recall those funky elephants that popped up all over London for a while, those four foot or so lovely statues that you tried mounting at 2am when you fell out of that club in Mayfair, they’re kind of like those except half the size and there’s 200 of them.

Yep, as of today “members of the public are racing to find the giant eggs, which have been exclusively designed, embellished and decorated by some of the world’s leading artists, architects, jewellers and designers,” announced Fabergé in a statement.

In order to take part in what is hoped will break the Guinness World Records for the most participants in an Easter egg hunt, hunters must scour London to find the hidden barcode on the egg before texting the number to a special line.

Faberge Big Egg Hunt

Source: Charlie Clift

Busby egg designed by Rachel Waldron, Director of the Faberge Big Egg Hunt on a London Bus Tour

The first text sent by a hunter will cost £3 and all other texts thereafter 25 pence, with part of the proceeds going to the Action for Children and Elephant Family charities.

And it doesn’t end there. Fabergé hopes its giant egg hunt will raise up to £2m for charity so will be holding an auction in spring to auction off the eggs.

“The hand-crafted eggs, which are destined to become highly collectible works of art, are available to bid for online and at auction, with proceeds going to Action for Children and Elephant Family,” said Fabergé.

“The jewel in the crown of the auction will be an exclusively designed, stunning 127ct emerald and gold egg pendant ‘Le Collier Plume d’Or’ created by Fabergé.”

Other egg designers include Mulberry, Zandra Rhodes, Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Quinn, Bruce Oldfield, Theo Fennell, William Curley, Bompas and Parr and Polly Morgan.

Last November, Fabergé opened a boutique in Mayfair’s Grafton Street, thereby retuning to the capital for the first time after a 96 year hiatus.

Visit www.thebigegghunt.co.uk/ for more information