The Top 20 most influential tweeters: POLITICS


In our first Top 20 tweeters list, irreverent bloggers go head-to-head with the UK’s top MPs. Who are the most influential?

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Ranked by: Twitter influence of the most well-known and most-followed political tweeters in the UK. Influence on Twitter measured by Peer Index.

1.      @number10gov

Finding the PM’s tweets is harder than it should be. Google “David Cameron on Twitter” and a chap from Oregon with a bio reading I am NOT the prime minister. I am a dude from America comes up. Cam isn’t very noisy either, with just 2,615 tweets, yet his following is huge. How ironic; if only life imitated Twitter…

2.      @stephencanning

Self-proclaimed “political nobody”, at just 18 Canning is a Tory councillor for Bocking Blackwater and has 27,282 followers – suggesting he’s not quite the “nobody” he thinks he is.

3.      @tom_watson

A self-professed disorganised politician, Watson’s bio puts himself as a “busy dad” first and foremost which is nice. A prolific tweeter, followers gain access to the backbencher’s carryings on in parliament. Good on the hacking scandal.

4.      @guidofawkes

The indefatigable Guido Fawkes is the scourge of many a politician. The Twitter feed is an extension of the highly influential order-order.com blog written by Paul Staines and Harry Cole. When right-winger Staines started the blog in 2004 he set out to make pure mischief for politicians. They’ve walked straight into his hands ever since.

5.      @JonathanHaynes

The web news editor of the Guardian is on Twitter morning, noon and night – and is often one of the first off the mark with breaking political news

6.      @sunny_hundal

Another blogger and journo, but this time from the other end of the spectrum, Hundal appears 858 times in Twitter lists and is editor of the Liberal Conspiracy blog. A vegetarian and environmentalist, he has a degree in economics and has written for the FT and regularly contributes to the Guardian.

7.     @johnrentoul

The only person to admit liking Tony Blair more at the end of his tenure than at the beginning, Rentoul is the chief political commentator for The Independent on Sunday.

8.     @johnprescott

The former deputy PM needs little introduction, and while his plain speaking northern tones might not be audible on Twitter, his frank way with words – and sharp wit – seems to be working with the 92,471 people who following him.

9.     @markpack

The first Lib Dem appearance in the list, Pack claims to twitter in a “personal capacity” and uses his feed to promote his blog, which brings together his views on politics, technology, media & PR and history.

10.  @WilliamJHague

The foreign secretary isn’t prolific, but he does offer useful updates on major FCO decisions, speeches and delegations.

11.  @cambellclaret

The name says it all really. Despite his 103,050 followers, Blair’s old king of spin Alistair Campbell isn’t as noisy as some and has tweeted just 8,383 times.

12.  @mayoroflondon

Not a high-volume tweeter by any means, Johnson has racked up just 1638 tweets so far. With a clear political line, the feed provides informative and useful updates to its followers without flooding your timeline with the minutiae of policy.

13.  @louisemensch

“Knowledge is porridge” is Mensch’s Twitter tagline. Married to the manager of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Metallica, this former wild-child-turned-staunch-Tory looms large in DCMS select committee hearings. Hugely influential on Twitterland. Giles Coren and Guideo Fawkes seem to fancy her.

14.  @marthalanefox

Co-founder of lastminute.com, wonder woman Fox is an ambassador for the numerous British institutions and serves as a chairperson for government digital projects while sitting on the board for Channel 4. Follow her.

15.  @psbook

An extension of the Political Scrapbook blog, followers receive frequent tweets directing them to new posts and updates. Edited by @LaurenceDurnan, the FT hails it “increasingly impressive… genius” while Guido Fawkes calls it his “favourite left-wing read”.

16.  @drevanharris

A Liberal Democrat campaigner, Dr Harris is a big tweeter with a big following currently at 22,143. Great for updates on parliamentary voting, Dr Harris isn’t afraid of a Twitter spat either – most recently with Nadine Dorries.

17.   @edballsmp

Known to jump seamlessly between debating Eurovision and fiscal policy, the shadow chancellor’s mix of personal and political tweets has made him a firm favourite among the twitterati.

18. @cateymaxx

Tory Totty Online is a “Lover of life. Monarchist. Opinionated. Fair. Big heart. God save the queen!”

19. @SallyBercow

Wife of the Speaker. Self-confessed big mouth. Sharp. Recently made a controversial appearance on Celebrity Big Brother. (I would’ve loved to have been a fly on the wall when she broke the news to her other half).

20. @Frasernels

Editor of the Spectator. As argumentative as you’d expect.