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The process involved in applying for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card

by John Saunders

Many people do not know that Oklahoma has one of the friendliest cannabis laws in the United States. This is a surprising fact, but it is true. Residents of Oklahoma voted on June 26, 2018, to approve a bill to allow for the doctor-recommended use of medical marijuana. People who can benefit from medical marijuana in Oklahoma can easily apply for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card. All they need to do is follow a few simple steps. The process, however, involves specific requirements and criteria.

Today, 33 states in America, including Washington D.C., allow for some sort of legal use of medical marijuana. Originally, it took states up to two years to go from newly passed laws to having an operational medical marijuana program. With Oklahoma, however, it took less than six months, which was quite surprising. By November 2018, qualified individuals were already growing legal cannabis plants at home.

By the beginning of the next year, almost 2,000 businesses and more than 20,000 patients had the license to handle medical marijuana. In the United States, this speed of progress is almost unprecedented. However, it was great news for the thousands of patients in the state suffering from PTSD, anxiety, chronic pain, and other marijuana-treatable conditions. Today, quick and easy access to high-quality medical marijuana is possible. You simply need to apply for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

How to apply for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card

The process involved is not as complicated as you might think. If you are a resident of Oklahoma aged 18 years and above, this program is a possible option for you. The steps involved include:

  • Schedule an appointment with a physician

Not all doctors in Oklahoma choose to participate in this program. It is not a strict requirement. Most family doctors, for instance, tend to be reluctant when it comes to getting involved with medical marijuana. However, you can easily find physicians that are medical marijuana-friendly on the state’s Medical Marijuana Authority site.

Also, doctors in Oklahoma do not need to register with the authority before signing a recommendation form. When you use a registered doctor, however, the process will be much faster. When you visit your physician’s office, simply bring a blank copy of the physician’s recommendation form. You will also need to specify why you think you need a medical marijuana card.

  • Get a card from the comfort of your home

In Oklahoma, there are no qualifying conditions, unlike in other states. You simply need to provide details of whatever condition you are seeking relief from. The rest is up to your physician’s judgment. Simply apply for an Oklahoma medical marijuana card and follow the instructions.

  • Talk to an MMJ physician

When you get your approval for the use of medical marijuana from your physician, you will need to register with the OMMA, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. Simply provide the information you got from your MMJ doctor along with other details. You will also need to pay the state application fee. However, you will need to provide proof of your residency to OMMA to get approval.

  • Get approval

Once you get approval and register with OMMA, the state will approve your medical marijuana card, which will arrive within two weeks. Your Oklahoma medical marijuana card will be valid for two years. You can start buying medical marijuana legally from any dispensary in the state once you receive the card.

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