The interview: Twiggy on London fashion and musical passion


It’s London Fashion Week people. Here’s Twiggy…

Vin and Omi interview Twiggy

If we did a straw poll and asked Londoners who they think of when we say Fashion and London, Twiggy would be right at the top of the list.

Her name has been a constant in fashion, beauty, film, music and TV throughout the last 40 years. We’re used to famous faces peaking and troughing throughout their careers, but it’s rare to have someone who remains constantly at the top of their game.

Interviewing Twiggy is fun. She is fun with a great down-to-earth personality. Her grounded character has, in part, helped keep her focused in everyone’s mind. Of course we could go on about her amazing beauty, talent and fashion sense, but you all know that!

We know a lot of people, especially women, are gaining inspiration from your entrepreneurial spirit and drive. Have you always been this driven? 

I just love being busy. I’ve always juggled lots of projects. When you get a baptism by fire in your early career it prepares you for whatever comes next. The amazing experiences of being cast in The Boyfriend by Ken Russell and working with Tommy Tune in the Broadway musical My One and Only meant you just had to get on and do it, failure wasn’t an option. They gave me tremendous support and I learnt a lot. Working with people you respect and trust on projects really, really, helps.

What advice would you give anyone starting up in fashion

As designers yourselves, you know how hard it is – especially these days. It’s really tough. I think passion is important. Real passion wins through, you have to really want to do something then it can happen. I think going to the best fashion college you can is a really good way to start. We have so many amazing colleges in London and it’s a great place for new designers to get a taste for life and for London.

Also I really think it is a good thing if you can collaborate with people, working alone can be really isolating. All of my projects are with exciting interesting people and that’s part of the fun and keeps it all exciting.

Do you think clothes shopping has changed in London?

Yes, it’s totally changed, when I was a teenager there were no real clothes shops for us. My sister Viv used to make all her own clothes and I started to do the same. I loved mod clothes but couldn’t get them anywhere, so I made them. (I remember making my daughter Carly velvet bell bottoms, but drew the line when all her friends wanted some too!)

Then the wonderful Barbra Hulanicki and Biba came along and helped change the way young women bought clothes. Look what is out there now, it’s absolutely brilliant, you can get anything now and it’s affordable. London is amazing for shopping, both high street and designer. I know it’s a cliché, but we don’t realise how lucky we are.

Will you be going to any of the shows at London Fashion Week? 

I’m really looking forward to the Stella McCartney presentation and Mathew Williamson’s show.

Music or Fashion – what’s your greater passion? 

Everything I do I am passionate about!

Vin and Omi interview TwiggyChip off the young block – Twiggy with daughter Carly

You recently released the record, Romantically Yours, with guesting from your gorgeous daughter Carly and Bryan Adams. Why such a long gap of 12 years? Why deprive us of such a lovely voice for so long?!

The record company called and asked me. It was great to get back to singing again and working with great people. Carly and I have wanted to sing together on something for a while. It has been a while, but I’ve really enjoyed the project.

The track you did together, ‘Only love Can Break Your Heart’, is haunting and beautiful. We loved it. Carly has such an amazing voice, you both do. Tell us about you latest project, the new collaboration you are doing ‘Twiggy with Marks and Spencer Woman’. We can’t believe you are doing 47 items in the collection and they all look like winners – well done!

I am really pleased with this collection, it’s affordable too. The most expensive item is a sequin jacket at £79. I had an ongoing collaboration with M & S for six years and we’ve talked about doing a Twiggy collection for about three years. I love working with them, it feels right. Kate Bostock, head of womenswear is totally supportive and I am very hands on with every aspect of designs and my team and I work very closely together. It’s such a good project. We built the collection around the things I love to wear.

Vin and Omi interview Twiggy

A sneak preview of two of the 47 items from Twiggy at M & S Woman

What do you think is important when putting together a collection?

I don’t budge when it comes to fabric quality, I really need to feel things. The touch of a fabric is so important. Synthetic fabric has changed so much and viscose can now feel almost as wonderful as the best silk. I also love great crispy crepe and jersey fabrics that hang like melted butter. I get excited by fabrics!

Who are your favourite designers?

London does quirkiness and bravery really well. It’s impossible to choose as there are so many, many great UK designers and many of them are in London or have made London their home. I LOVE London!

Twiggy for Marks and Spencer Woman, launching online on April 12th. Info at

Twiggy's new albumn Romantically Yours

Twiggy’s Romantically Yours CD is out now.

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