The hallowed arrival is nigh! iPhone 5 rumours revealed


Tim Cook will reveal the intricacies of the iPhone 5 this evening. We listen to the rumours to spoil the surprise

“It’s almost here” says the hallowed invitation.

Beneath the three little words stands a dominant 12. What could this mean? More astute members of the audience will know it means 12 September. A shadow is cast onto the foreground (no doubt from the luminescent rays bestowed upon the news from heaven) in the shape of a 5.

Cue global pant wetting and an airing out of tents as the world gets ready to queue outside Apple Stores everywhere. The iPhone 5 is coming.

iPhone 5 media invite

It is expected that at 10am PT, Apple CEO Tim Cook will emerge onto the stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and introduce the new iPhone to the mouth-frothing masses.  

But one thing has to be said. The fanatically secretive Apple has let a few things slip this time around. Silicon Valley bods and beyond are reclining in their ergonomic chairs and smugly revelling in the fact that they already know all there is to know about the new device.

Hopefully there will be some surprises when the curtain is pulled back for the big reveal – legions of Apple fans will be devastated otherwise (but still queue for a week to buy the phone, obvs).

But while we wait to find out, here’s the list of rumours circulating about the divine device:

The new model will work with 4G networks

Readers of the site will be familiar with this already, we’ve been making noise about 4G all week. The latest iPad has 4G capabilities so it is natural to see it emerge in the new phone.

The screen will be…..BIGGER!

Well, marginally. Apple has reportedly added half an inch to the traditional 3.5inch screen size. The iPhone will be capable of displaying more apps per page and make watching your favourite TV show more gratifying. Oh and it will be slightly slimmer. All the better for falling out of your hand right?

There will be a metal back case

Apparently we can wave good bye to the smashable glass casing at the back and say hello to a metal version. Good news following on from my last point.

There will be no home button

This little snippet is subject to much debate. Will it, won’t it? Some leaked images of the phone show no home button, others show a slightly altered home button. Who to believe? I guess it’ll be Tim Cook.

Battery life will have a boost

Apple fans have been moaning about the poor battery life of the iPhone for ages and the programmers deep in the Apple Control Centre have been hoping to solve this issue for some time. Well that extra half inch will allow an extra sliver of battery.

Smaller charger cable connector

Those of us who have amassed thousands of white cables, to be lent to friends, to replace old ones we left on the train, to dangle triumphantly from every USB orifice in the house, will be horrified to learn this.

A 9-pin connector is due to replace to 30-pin connector. This will make room for other attachments but will render your previous collection obsolete.

We will have striking new earphones

No doubt the newly designed ear pieces will become the must have accessory of the season. Tech website The Verge leaked a description of the earphones saying, “The buds have an unusual moulded design that appears to funnel sound into the ear canal, and the speaker grilles are largely hidden from view.” Oh the excitement.

Beware Spotify! iPhone 5 enters the music streaming domain

Apart from the 4G LTE, the killer feature of the iPhone 5 is expected to be a music streaming service that will use iTunes library and the Genius software to play music.  Is that the beginning of the end for Spotify and Pandora then?

Don’t wait for the launch! Grab your iPhone 5 covers now

It hasn’t even launched and has people making accessories for it, such is the popularity for the iPhone 5. Sculpteo, a Paris-based accessory printing company is already accepting orders to adorn the superphone with design covers that can have anything from a 3D avatar of your dog to your Facebook profile picture.

The headphone portal will be at the bottom instead of the top

The 3.5mm hole will be migrating south for iPhone 5.

Okay, that’s all. But it builds a pretty complete picture, providing of course that it’s all true.

Apple might have had its “Most valuable company in the world” crown snatched but the iPhone 5 is being hailed for doing its bit for the US economy. JP Morgan’s chief economist, Michael Ferol claims that “sales of iPhone 5 could boost annualized GDP growth by $3.2bn, or $12.8bn at an annual rate.”

Wow. If only we could steal Jonathan Ive back and make them here….