The GREAT campaign; grand designs or grand debacle?


It’s the poster campaign that will “ensure the legacy of London 2012” but is it any good?

Earlier this week the prime minister launched a poster campaign in a drive to maximise the potential of London 2012 Olympics and help promote trade, tourism and foreign investment.

The 10-part poster series is part of a plan to attract upwards of £1bn and attract four million extra visitors to the UK over the next four years.

But at a cost of £500,000, the campaign is hardly a bargain. Are the posters worth it?

Advertising guru and LondonlovesBusiness.com columnist Steve Henry certainly doesn’t think so, dismissing the campaign as “blanding not branding”:

“It seems very plain; they’ve missed the tone of Britain completely. What makes Britain great is its creativity. There’s a difference between branding and blanding.

“What makes Britain great, (and London especially) is the energy and the irreverence – that’s why people come here. It looks like they’ve fallen foul to all advertising don’ts in trying to cater for too many people – they haven’t been courageous enough.”

Unsurprisingly, David Cameron disagrees: “This campaign is simple. There are so many great things about Britain and we want to send out the message loud and proud that this is a great place to do business, to invest, to study and to visit,” he said.

“With the eyes of the world on Britain in 2012, we have a fantastic opportunity to showcase everything that the country has to offer,” added Jeremy Hunt, secretary of state for culture, Olympics, media and sport.

“The GREAT campaign will ensure that we make the most of London 2012 to boost tourism and business, leaving a lasting economic legacy from London’s Games.”

The campaign centres around 10 areas of British excellence: technology and innovation; entrepreneurship; creativity; knowledge; green; heritage; sport; shopping; music; and countryside.

Does the campaign really put the great back in Britain or is it merely another great big waste of public money? Have your say below…