The former Lib Dem aide who charges interns more than £2,000 for work experience


A businessman who has advised the Lib Dems on defence has been criticised for charging upwards of £2,000 for three months’ work experience.

Jan Mortier, who says he’s a former consultant to Lord Garden, a Lib Dem peer and previously defence spokesman for the party, is accused of charging interns thousands of pounds for work experience and references.

His company Civitatis International charges young people £1,600 for three months of work experience.

It describes the internship as a “unique experience in project management training at our international secretariat in the City of London that was instituted by us because British universities are not giving the skills or experience necessary to help young people secure careers in the policy sector”.

According to The Guardian, the programme, which doesn’t offer any kind of qualifications, was listed on an internship website – however, Mortier denied it was an internship because the young people had been “trained directly” by him.

After completing the programme, participants were then charged £300 if they wanted a reference and £400 to £600 a year to become fellows of his organisation.

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