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Ten jewellery trends to stock up on this year

by John Saunders
26th Jul 22 3:18 pm

Lots of new fashion jewellery trends hit the scene this year, and many fashion commentators are excited about what they’re seeing. Gone are the days of stuffy pretentious jewelry. In their place, a sense of playfulness through color and texture has appeared. Through layered stacks of nostalgic and classic pieces, the rules of what jewellery can be combined seem freer than ever. If you’re looking to refresh your repertoire of jewelry this year, but are not sure where to start we’ve compiled a list of the ten top jewelry trends you should stock up on this year.

1. Beaded pieces: Bright, colorful, and perfect for summer, beaded jewellery is making its comeback this year. Nostalgic with a Y2K feel, beaded jewelry is the perfect way to express your personality through color and have a bit of fun with your look. To take on a more mature and less playful look, pair a beaded piece alongside the rest of your gold jewelry for a textured, layered look.

 2. Pearl/shell pieces: The year 2022 has brought about the resurgence of coastal style. Many millennials and GenZ fashion commentators have deemed the name of this style as “coastal grandma” which seems to be a mix of a beachy and classy look. Along with it has come jewellery made of pearl and shell, specifically imperfect or organically grown pearls. Pair these pieces with a beaded piece of gold accent piece for the perfect layered set.

 3. Layered gold pieces. Tried and true, gold pieces aren’t going out of style anytime soon. However, one way to keep your gold jewelry looking current is to layer it. Start with a small, medium, and long-length necklace of various textures and thicknesses and wear them all together. This simple hack is a great way to elevate your outfit with minimal effort.

 4. Chain pieces: Chain necklaces and bracelets are a great way to add some texture to your layered looks. Layering gold pieces without a chain in the mix can leave it falling flat. Whether it’s a Cuban chain, a rope chain, or a Figaro chain, just a bit of added texture can go a long way. The same goes for stacking bracelets. A Cuban bracelet is a perfect staple to go with any number of stacked bracelet combinations.

5. Chunky silver pieces. Silver is having its moment in 2022, and not in the way you may expect. Yes, silver will always be timeless and come in classic styles that will never go out of style, but the trend you should keep an eye out for is even bolder. Silver pieces that are chunkier, edgier, and bolder are top of every fashionista’s wishlist right now. Silver is here to make a statement, and due to its affordability, bigger pieces are easier to access on a budget.

6. Hoop pieces. It’s safe to say that hoops aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. They come in all shapes and sizes, but the consensus is that they are fashionable no matter what. These everyday essentials come in thin to chunky widths with different lengths and shapes. They can be made of different materials. One of the trendiest styles of hoops in 2022 is the gold hoop with bezzled diamond embedded in them.

7. Colorful enamel pieces. Another great color option to add to a stack of gold layered jewelry pieces, enamel pieces are a stunning style to add to the mix in 2022. These pieces are a combination of your metal of choice with colorful designs on top made out of a powder coating. The options for design and patterns are limitless. Many fashion commentators have spoken on colorful enamel jewelry pieces’ nod to the 90s, proving that all styles come back around.

8. Mixed metal pieces. In times of the past, you may have felt the pressure to choose whether or not you are a gold or silver person. Thankfully, 2022 has set a new tone and has made that concept a thing of the past. The combination of wearing your gold and silver pieces together may go against every fashion rule that was once instilled in you, but it is a look that is currently very prominent. Wear your favorite pieces together to spice up your old looks.

 9. Number pieces. Wearing jewellery with numbers on them is a trend that is blowing up this year. Whether it’s your birth year, a special date, or your angel number, influencers and fashionistas are flaunting their favorite set of numbers mixed in with their gold stack of layered necklaces. Rings with a number engraved on them are also a popular look.

10. Croissant pieces. Yes, you read that right. Named after the beloved baked good, these jewellery pieces have the familiar layered wrapped look that a croissant roll has. Seen most frequently as a ring, the croissant style is a domed, textured, and unique style of gold jewelry that has all the makings for the perfect 2022 trend.

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