Stuart Rose’s critical report on NHS management put on government “back burner”


Report critical of NHS management given no publication date

Lord Rose, the former head of M&S, and one of Britain’s most respected businesspeople, completed and delivered a report on the state of the NHS over two months ago, but the government is yet to set a publication date.

It is understood that the report is highly critical of how the NHS functions, and describes NHS management as “totally shocking”, the Financial Times reports.

Health minister Jeremy Hunt commissioned the report a year ago to evaluate how NHS hospitals could keep “the very best leaders to help transform the culture in underperforming hospitals”.

According to the FT, an individual familiar with the situation said the report had been put on “the back burner of the back burner”.

People who have seen Rose’s report said that it highlights how underperforming managers move from job to job without being held to account, while any success is insufficiently rewarded, the FTreports.

Jamie Reed, Labour’s shadow health minister, said: “Patients will be concerned to hear that ministers seem to be suppressing yet another report that criticises their management of the NHS. Nothing could make Jeremy Hunt’s boasts about transparency seem more hollow.”

As the election countdown-clock ticks, the Tories want to stick with their focus on the UK economy.

Meanwhile, the Labour party is putting the NHS at the centre of their bid for power.

A Department of Health spokesperson said: “We will be publishing the report in due course.”

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