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Struggles for the remote worker

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31st Jul 20 6:38 am

The shift to remote working has caused a change in requirements for many of us as our day to day is now much different, and if it wasn’t already difficult enough to encourage the switch and to do so successfully it seems there may be further cause to do so as recently the UK has been warned once again to prepare for a second wave within a few weeks as Europe seems to be experiencing a sudden rise in cases amid travellers going on holiday once again as small communities are finding outbreaks – but there are bigger issues a little closer to home.

Over the past few weeks, many who are relying on remote working for their way of living have been met with a lot of downtime and uncertainty with their internet connection as provider Virgin Media have left many without connection recently – for some time a lot of the outages had been centered around London but just yesterday there were reports that up to six million users could be unable to connect as yet another outage came to the ISP sparking a little outrage with many complaining that it is a daily occurrence, particularly present in the morning with the current response being that there is no existing issue and that popular sites such as DownDetector may be misrepresenting what is going on.

As it stands many of the issues have been ongoing for the past two months now with the initial outages coming toward the start of June and continuing through now to the end of July, but it isn’t just Virgin Media that are falling victim to the increasing numbers of traffic – BT, Plusnet, and TalkTalk have all also had reports that there has been a lot of downtime in places such as Newcastle over the past few weeks, if there is to be a majority change to remote working as a permanent solution during the pandemic and following then there needs to be some assurances made that the current network infrastructure can handle the increasing traffic – but also that some changes can be made to ensure home users can have more accessibility to better deals, particularly where speeds are concerned since many are still using home internet that is often worse than their mobile internet at times – particularly those who may not be in a large city or town.

There may be a solution on the way for some however as 5G is just around the corner providing an internet solution that could solve many of these issues – boasting speeds up to ten times higher than home internet and has already been a shift that many players have made especially as content consumption and mobile gaming have become more popular – recent changes have made it more difficult for some players too as initiatives such as Gamstop have been granted more authority but these non gamstop casino sites have remained available despite the changes – it’s tough for the remote worker to be sure, and hopefully some more stability can be offered to ensure a reliable working environment.

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