Striking images show how London and other world cities could DISAPPEAR UNDERWATER in the next 100 years


Woah there global warming. Can you just, you know, go away? Thanks.

It is pretty warm in London this November. It is 16 degrees celcius in central London today, despite the average maximum temperature for the month being just 9 degrees for England since records began.

It’s not great news.

New projections show that the planet could warm by as much as two degrees more by 2100 even if pollution levels are stringently controlled.

But if things continue as they are now, the climate models predict a rise in temperature of four degrees. The effects of a four degree rise would be devastating, as the images below show.

These come from website climatecentral.org, and come from research published on October 12 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the U.S.A.

They were created by visual artist Nickolay Lamm.

Floody hell 1


Floody hell 2


Floody hell NY 3

New York

Floody hell NY 4

No York

Floody Hell Mumbai


Floody Hell Mumbai 2


Floody hell Shanghai


Floody hell Shanghai 2


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