Social media attracts London's job seekers


Forty three per cent of Londoners use social media to look for jobs, new research from LondonlovesJobs.com has found. The survey also found that 30 per cent of business leaders are especially likely to use LinkedIn when hunting for a new position.

The technological evolution of the internet has altered how we behave in many ways and it looks like job seeking is no different.

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It appears that men are far more likely to use LinkedIn than their female peers with 30 per cent of males citing the social media as a viable job hunting option versus only 18 per cent of females.

The survey carried out by the new jobs board showed that while the way in which people search for roles is changing dramatically, employers have been slow to adopt these new modes.

Specifically the research showed that while 25 per cent of Londoners were using LinkedIn to search for roles, only eight per cent of employers are using the site to advertise their jobs.

“The way people looks for jobs has dramatically changed over the last five years,” said Katie Leaver, recruitment sales director at LondonlovesJobs.com.

“The shift from print to online was nothing compared to the use of social media which now dominates the recruitment space. In order to reach the best candidates, job boards have to innovate and be one step ahead of their already well-educated clients.”

“There’s talk of employers using more than the ‘traditional social media’ routes which shows how far this area has developed in the last few years.”

But the social media revolution hasn’t taken complete hold of the London jobs market. The survey found that recruitment websites were still job seekers’ favourite searching method with 67 per cent citing websites as their most likely place to look.