SNP storms past UKIP and Lib Dems to become Britain’s third largest political party


The Scottish National Party may not have been successful in its bid to see Scotland become an independent state, but a side effect of the referendum has been a huge swelling in support for the party.

In the four days since the “No” result was announced, the SNP has racked up more than 22,000 new members.

This vast leap has taken membership from under 26,000 to over 47,000, the Herald Scotland reports, representing a surge of 84%.

The unprecedented growth means that the number of card carrying members has stormed past both UKIP and the Liberal Democrats in terms of members.

According to the Herald, the last UK-wide figure for LibDem membership was 43,451, recorded at the start of this year. The party said it expected to hit 44,000 in April.

Meanwhile UKIP had 38,124 members as of May 19.

At the end of 2013, Labour had approximately 190,000 members, while the Tories had membership of 134,000, according to the House of Commons Library. And in December 2013 membership of the Green Party stood at around 14,000.

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